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How do you beat level 8 on Scribblenauts remix?

How do you beat level 5-6 on scribble nuts remix

Who discovered gold in yukon?

My nuts

What did songhai trade?

salt, gold, kola nuts, and slaves

What are the most expensive nuts in the world?

Macadamia nuts are the most expensive.

What is the main export in Tanzania?

According to the CIA World Factbook, current primary exports of Tanzania are gold, coffee, cashew nuts, manufactured goods, and cotton.

Where did the gold and Kola nuts Songhai people trade come from?

the Mali Empire

How many nut there are in the world?

There are 53 types of nuts there in the world...

How do you see the item that the itemfinder find in Pokemon gold?

you cant. you have to guess. it drives me nuts.

How was the California gold rush different from other western movements?

My nuts went to the gold rudh and my dick went in ur mothers mouth

What is the job of a Blue-and-Gold Macaw?

The job of the Blue-and-gold Macaw is they eat all the nuts then they drop them on the ground so they can grow

Why does the world need a chipmunk?

The world needs Chipmunks to eat nuts and be cute.

Scared to communicate with the outside world?

Yeah, there are nuts out there.

Name all the nuts in the world?

peanuts and almonds

Which state in the world has the best tasting nuts?

Just wanted to add that very few countries other than America has is it supposed to be 'Which country in the world has the best tasting nuts'? or 'Which state in America has the best tasting nuts?'

What are the hugest nuts?

I know this black guy named Ty, I'm pretty sure he has the biggest nuts out of everyone in the world.

What is the main export of Tanzania?

Coffee, Cotton, Sisal, Tea, Cashew Nuts, Diamonds, Gold, and Cloves.

Which mineral resource contributed to the wealth of kingdoms of West Africa?

Gold, animal hides, kola nuts

Which country is the largest producer of cashew nuts in the world?

Vietnam is the largest producer of cashew nuts though India is the largest exporter, while USA is the largest consumer of cashew nuts

Who were famous people after World War 1?

dis nuts

What was the quot at to the Germans in World War 2 at bastien?


What did people trade to get silk on the Silk Road?

nuts, dyes, dried fruit, cloth, gold, grapevines, dates

What does a blue gold macaw eat?

· They eat nuts, seeds and fruits that grows on trees M Miah Jackson

What else did they trade than salt and gold on the Trans Saharan trade route?

Besides gold and salt, they carried spices, slaves, kola nuts, iron tools, and glassware.

WHO IS Famous Ballet Dancer from Mexico?

Vansway DeLepush. she was a very good dancer she danced in 85 ballet's. she was very famous and had many, many gold trophies. anyway i like to eat pickles they are very yummy. i also like to eat nuts, nuts make me nuts

What nuts are ground nuts?

"Ground nuts" or "earth nuts" is another name for peanuts, goober nuts, monkey nuts or pig nuts.