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first catch the 3 regis then raise the 3regis to level one hundred then go to lylicove city go to the department store and if you win the lottry insted of getting one masterball you will get 99 master ball it really wrorks i tried it and it worked

Answerthe cheat above is not true only way is action replay Answergo to Google Answergo to www.supercheats .com


To clone items in emerald Go to the battle tower in the battle frontier and go to the PC and acess lanettes PC go to move items and give the masterball you got from team aquas hideout to any Pokemon, quit the PC and save, then get the masterball out of the PC again and go and speak to the person who will accept link multi battle challenges (the nearest one) tell her challenge and enter any two Pokemon (doesn't matter which) then when she says i need to save the game say yes there will be a pause and then she will say would you like to save the game say no and turn off the gameboy. Turn it back on and you will have a masterball in the PC and in your bag. withdraw the one in the PC and exit the tower. Next time deposit two masterballs in the PC and turn off the PC save withdraw both of the masterballs ect. keep doing this depositing items and withdrawing them until you have the desired number of masterballs ( you can also clone Pokemon by depositing them in the PC saveing and withdrawing them as well) Trust me this works I now have 210 master balls and 300 rare candies trust me it works.

AnswerWhat I've heard you can do is get a relicanth and a wailord. Then put relicanth at the front or back, I can't remember which and SAVE!!! Then you go dive down with 6 Pokemon in your party including the relicanth and wailord in their places and find an underwater cave with markings and strange writing. Have a Pokemon use dig and a cave in the back will open. Go through that and there is more strange writing. Then I think (I'm not sure) that there should be 3 caves around Hoenn. One in the desert, one on the route after the city with the flying type gym leader and one on that route north of Dewford. ( You need surf and dive). If there isn't one on the southern side of the desert turn off the game and re-try it with the wailord at the front and the relicanth at the back. (I don't know the order of which those Pokemon are, and please don't be mad if I'm wrong.) I don't know why these people started to talk about masterballs, You asked how to get the regis, right?

This answer is right i tried it and he/she is right!!

ok so im getting um emerald i already have heartgold soulsilver platinum if i migrate the regis to hgss or platinum and restart emerald completely will i be able to catch the regis again if i press newgame and save after i mirated? i think you can get all the Pokemon again if you press newgame and save again ok never mind does anyone live in Arizona? if you do just visit and subscribe and comment later dudes

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Q: How do you get all of the regis?
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Where do you find all the regis on Pokemon platinum?

you cant get all the regis only regigigas.

How do you get into the snowpoint tempel?

become champion or have all three regis, you can only get regigigas if you have all three regis

What level are the regis come in Pokemon Emerald?

All 3 of the Regis are level 40.

How do you get all regis in Pokemon Diamond?

Catch them all.

How can you get regis on pearl?

well if you want to get all of the regis 1 way u can migrate them from ruby or sapphire

Do you have to have all regis to catch regigigas?


How do you catch regigigas without the other regis?

Regigigas requires all 3 of the other Regis to be present in order to be captured.

Who is regis philbin?

Regis philbin is the host on regis and kelly

Can you get the three regis in FireRed?

No you cannot get the regis nor any hoenn Pokemon all must be traded to you from ruby, sapphire and emerald.

How do you get the regis on platinum?

use an action replay, or you could migrate from a game boy game that has all the regis(regice,registeel, and regirock

How do you catch the regis in Pokemon dimond?

Actually you're wrong you can NOT get the regis in Pokemon diamond, to get the regis you need Pokemon ruby/Sapphire/emerald you can get all three regis there(regi ice, regi steel, regi rock) althought if you migrate all of the regis onto Pokemon diamond you can get regi gigas(king regi) you will find him in the snowpoint temple after beating the elite four. Thanks hope i helped ^.^

Places ending with regis in UK?

Bognor Regis, Lyme Regis.

Where can you find rigigigas in Pokemon platinum?

you only can find him in snowpoint temple in snowpoint city but you must have all three regis. bring all three regis go up to him and press A and the three regis will awekening him. hes a level 1 so have a goodb time catching him.

How do you catch all the regis in Pokemon diamond?

you catch it with a pokeball

What do you need to get to find all the regis?

you need a relicanth and a wailord

How can you catch all the legendary Pokemon Emerald?

all i know is how to get the regis and latios or latias.

In Pokemon Platinum which Pokemon is number 486?

Regigigas, the forth of the regis. He's at the snowpoint temple and you must have all the other regis in your party to battle him.

What is the birth name of Regis Parton?

Regis Parton's birth name is Parton, Regis.

What is the AR cheat for regigigas?

You don't need an action replay code. Just get all the regis on Ruby, sapphire, or emerald, Transfer them to the pal park, and then go to the snowpoint temple with all the regis in your party.

How tall is regis?

Regis is 5′ 7″ tall

What is the birth name of Regis Toomey?

Regis Toomey's birth name is John Regis Toomey.

What is imperivm neptvni regis?

i think you mean regigass and its in the northern city temple but you have to have all three regis ice stone steel without them he wont activate

What is regis?

Regis is a private school in Wisconsin.

Why do regis exist?

Why do you care about why the regis exist?

Can you catch all regis in Pokemon FireRed?

No. You have to trade from another game.