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you cant do that using a code

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How can you catch trainer Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

You can catch trainer Pokemon in Pokemon platinum by using an action replay. When you first buy an action replay catch trainer Pokemon is programmed with it.

How do you get all shiny Pokemon in platinum?

You can only do that by using Action Replay, Sorry.

Where do you find jirachi on Pokemon Platinum?

You cant, only by using action replay.

How do you find scrapnel in Pokemon Diamond?

It can only be found in Pokemon Platinum using Action Replay.Scrapnel is a fake pokemon. I don't think there is an action replay code to get it.

How do you copy master balls in Pokemon platinum?

You would need to use an Action Replay code by using Action Replay DS or a flashcart which supports Action Replay codes.

How do you get a million masterballs in Pokemon platinum?

you have to cheat by using an action replay... i wouldn't its cheating :(

What is the code to get Pokemon Platinum back into your action replay?

I have an action replay too,so don't say it doesn't work. you don't need a code if you're using regular action replay AND you didn't delete the other Pokemon games that were there from the start. just enter the name Pokemon platinum in it.

Why doesnt Pokemon platinum game id work?

You are probably using an older Action Replay.

How do you get cyndaquil on platinum using action replay?

go to youtube look up Pokemon modifier

How do you clone lengadery Pokemon in Pokemon platinum using Ditto?

Without an action replay, you can't mate dittos with legendary pokemon.

Cheats for Pokemon Platinum without using action replay?

There r no cheats for it without action replay now glitches r another story yes but Google "Pokemon platinum glitches" they are the best type of cheat and "Pokemon platinum Easter eggs" and things like that will get you what you want.

Could action replay have mew for Pokemon platinum?

if your asking if you can get mew with Action replay then yes you can. or you can trade using GTS global trading station using wi-fi conectivity

Can you use action replay on Pokemon Platinum?

yes, of course! but first you've got to download the Pokemon platinum cheats in codejunkies.com using your USB cable in your action replay package.Then after you download it use the cheat and....Here goes nothing!

How do you fix freezes on Pokemon platinum?

you turn it off and turn it once. also are you using a action replay?

How do you get to the Darkrai event using action replay?

go to youtube and tipe in "how to get darkriewith action replay in Pokemon platinum walkthrough". If it doesnt work make the typing shorter.

How do you hack a Chimchar and a Piplup using Action Replay?

On Action Replay DS,go to Pokemon platinum (UK) and then go down to the folder wild Pokemon modifier then go down to where the sinnoh Pokemon are and try to breed them.

Can you catch shadow Pokemon on platinum?

There is unfortunately no way to catch shadow Pokemon using a commercial cartridge or Action Replay. Sorry!

How do you get a Darkrai in Pokemon pearl without action replay?

Glitch for it! On Google type in: Tweaking glitch for Pokemon Platinum. find out how to do it and then Type in: How to get darkrai using the tweaking glitch on platinum.

Where can you see the Kanto starters Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

you can only get them trading from emerald or from heartgold or soulsilver. Also using action replay or gameshark

How do you get arcius on Pokemon diamond without using a action replay?

platinum get arceus this year from a Nintendo event, get someone to trade you one from a platinum game

How do you see a shaymin?

Shaymin can only be found by using the Action Replay or participating events. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the event for Shaymin had expired. Trading or using the Action Replay are the only ways to encounter it.

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