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click join now

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Account login for the 39 clues online?

You have to go to the website and then you can sign in.

What are the codes in The 39 Clues books for?

Once you get the code, go on to the 39 clues website and create an account! After you do that that click MY CARDS and enter the code.

How to deactivate 39 clues account?

You cannont deactivate your 39 clues account because it is not an option.

Is 39 clues website free?

Yes, it is free to use the 39 Clues website.

How do you enter a 39 clues card code?

You have to make your own account on the 39 clues website, then look for the code on the card, click add card, and enter the code.

How do you get to be a Lucian on the 39 clues website?

Answer the quiz with answer that include you being king or president when you make an account

Can you be a madrigal if you created an account on the 39 clues?

No you can't be a madrigal if you created an account on the 39 clues. Trust me I tried it once.

What are the cheats for the seccond mission in 39 clues?

There are absolutely no cheats for the 39 clues website. AT ALL!

What is the title of book 7 in the 39 Clues?

The title of the seventh 39 clues book is The Viper's Nest. My agent Code is P2J34GKXXP on the 39 clues website.

What is the name of the eighth 39 clues book?

The name of the eight 39 clues book is The Emperor´s Code. my agent code on the 39 clues website is P3XDKTN9XP

What is the point of the cards in 39 clues?

the books will only give you ten clues so the cards fill in the gaps along with the 39 clues website

How do you unlock The 39 Clues book clues?

buy a book and go to 39 clues.com and make an account and then enter the codes on the cards!

What are The 39 Clues books about?

The 39 clues is about the Cahill family which is the most powerful family in this world. They have the power to rule the world. The 39 clues is a hunt for the 39 clues that can make a person the most powerful person in the world. These books have cards with unique codes that can be used in the hunt for the 39 clues on the official website.

How do you activate your 39 clues account?

GO TO YOUR EMAILS AND FIND ONE THAT SAYS THE 39 CLUES. CLICK ON IT AND THAN CLICK ON THE HIGH lite ed line in blue than it will activate your account.

How many clues can you get a day on The 39 Clues website?

It is possible to get all of the 39 clues in a day, but you would have to add a whole lot of cards, but currently as of June 1st, only 37 clues are available.

39 clues mission 10?

you must have all 39 Clues, which you can get by: play missions from the 39 clues website, reading and registering the books online, and entering cards that you can get from the books or card packs. sorry, but i haven't even done it.

What is the answer the Rembrandt's secret?

The 39 clues website should help alot!

How do you get to your code book on the thirty nine clues?

You go to the website, i know and love the 39 clues and it is a great choice.

Why do the people who say that The 39 Clues are real see weird things?

Becausethe 39 clues is totally real!!The people who say its just a game are wrong.To prove it:try to focus only on the 39 clues.Not another book.Say to yourself that the 39 clues are real,open an account at the 39 clues.com.And if you start to see weird things than the 39 clues are real.This is something that really happend.The infinity ring is the 39 clues before.The 39 clues is a modern book.In 1298 all around the world weird messages were delivered in paper.

What are 39 clues codes?

They are found on every 39 clues card. They allow you to digitize your cards to your online account. Here's one: F7P6P3P7KW. See you on the hunt, agent B

How do you delete your 39 Clues account?

I dont think you can. Anyway, Mossemika is not 100%sure

How do you solve mission 10 on 39 clues?

You must have all 39 clues in order to continue with the final mission. You can get these "clues" by playing the missions in the 39 clues website, buying the books and entering the code in the cards you got, and buying a card pack; Example:P4G4MPNNXP. Sorry but even I haven't done it.

What are the 29 clues out of The 39 Clues?

It means that 29 of the 39 clues are currently available.

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