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How do you get an aroura ticket in emerald?


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In Pokemon Emerald, the Aurora Ticket was an event item given out through Mystery Gift by Nintendo. It allowed the player access to Birth Island and the ability to catch a Deoxys.


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Whear is the aroura ticket in Pokemon emerald?

you have to get the aroura ticket and go to the ferry and show it to the guy and they will take you to birth island to go catch deoxys

To get all 386 Pokemon is by trading Pokemon from these games: Ruby, Sapphire, Colloseum, Firered, Leafgreen and Emerald and special downlaods such as the aroura ticket or the mistic ticket. Use an action replay.(if you want to cheat)

Go talk to the man who owns the ship. He

Do you mean the aroura ticket or the mystic ticket? If yes then you need the joyspots. It came out a long time ago. It was a special Nintendo event. You need a cable apdater and it will work. Remember, it came out a long time ago so its a lucky shot if you get one.

You need to go to a Nintendo event in: Kyoto, Japan; L.A., California; Chicago, Illinois; or New York City, well...New York. IN REAL LIFE TOO!!!!!

Um sorry to say this but there is nothing called the wish ticket on Pokemon emerald.... =(

you get blablablabla ticket from a mystory ticket

you get the mystery ticket from an event outside the game or mix records from ruby orSapphire from a player that has the ticket. I beat emerald but i do not have the mystery ticket. from,pirate13.

There is no Wish Ticket available in Pokémon Emerald so you cannot get it in any way, shape or form.

Mix Records with Ruby/Sapphire that has a ticket.

You can get the mystery ticket in Pokemon Events. You can get the mystery ticket in Pokemon Events.

you have to get it at special events

you need a gameshark to do it.

if you have the eon ticket in emerald ,go to the SS.anne. the sailor will notice and the captain will come out ,then they bring you somewhere I forgot

you need to get the Auorora Ticket you need to get the Auorora Ticket

use the mystery box if you have it and then you'll have the ticket

there is no way to get to faraway island without ticket

to get to island 9 on fire red im not sure but you need either mystic ticket or aroura ticket sorry guys i don't know where to get them! but i think it has to do with Nintendo events or something...

How do you get the Aurora ticket in Pokemon Emerald to get Deoxys Give you every possible way?

you have to get a certain ticket

i think you will get it to the game designer . .

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