How do you get an hard erection?

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First, this depends on your age and your health. Young men tend to get hard erections naturally, sometimes unexpectedly (such after having a dream), sometimes when they wake up in the morning, sometimes when masturbating, and sometimes because they saw someone they think is sexually attractive.  As men get older, they may have more difficulty getting a hard erection, but this really varies.  Some older men may need to take a pill for "erectile dysfunction" (you have seen the commercials for Viagra and Cialis) to help them get aroused, but this is not true for everyone.  Also, some medicines have a side effect of making it more difficult to get an erection, but this is often temporary.  
So, if you are young, you will undoubtedly get an erection from masturbating or from watching sexually explicit movies, or just naturally when you see someone you are attracted to. And if you are older, as long as you are in good health, you should still be able to become aroused.  If you are having problems, by all means see your doctor and discuss it, because this condition is very treatable.
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Can smoking effect erection and hardness of an erection?

Yes, smoking does effect the ability to get an erection. Smoking (nicotine) causes. blood vessels and in the body to constrict. This reduces blood flow to extremities. like fingers and toes and yes, no matter what size you are, your body considers. your penis an extremity. So unllike Viagra and t ( Full Answer )

How can you improve an erection?

When you get wood try to focus on something else and that will increase the length in time that you are hard. Plus there are pills that you can take as well

What if you get constant erections?

Some boys have erections often as they begin Puberty. It is common and natural to happen. Try not to worry about it as it will get less often as you grow older and learn to control your thoughts. Some boys find it helps to masturbate regularly when in the privacy of their bedroom or bathroom. Try no ( Full Answer )

How do you get harder erections?

Erections can vary in firmness depending upon a number of factors. Your level of arousal is important, but it is just as important not to be too tired, ill, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or overly-stressed. Being fit, healthy, well-rested, and outrageously horny should be all you need t ( Full Answer )

Why do you have erections?

So that you can have sex and the species continues. Why do you have them at times you wish you didn't? Going through puberty and you body is adjusting to the changes in hormones and the maturing process. It will settle down after a while and everyone goes through the same thing. For a while, anythin ( Full Answer )

Why do men have erections?

Because men have a brain that instructs glands in the body torelease hormones this can occur at odd times once these hormoneshave been released you get an erection and maintain it until thehormone supply diminishes.

Why do you get erections?

The most probable reason you would get an erection is because you are turned on, whether it's because you are thinking of sex or see someone you think is hot your body is preparing to have sex. The blood flows to your penis due to sexual excitement and becomes hard in preparation for sexual interc ( Full Answer )

Why do I get erections?

Because extra blood flows to your penis due to sexual excitement or stimulation. The blood fills the tubes in the penis and shuts the valve holding it there until orgasm, climax or stimulation is over, then it returns back to it's normal flaccid state.

My boyfriend is 28 and is having a hard time keeping an erection is this normal?

That is a young age to have erectile disfunction - but it can happen. He should have his prostate gland examined by a doctor to see if it is enlarged. You might also want to have an honest discussion with him about what his sexual turn-ons are. One question that would be asked by a doctor is whe ( Full Answer )

Why do men have a hard time getting an erection?

Most men don't, actually, but difficulties with erections affect some men if: * they are older * they have certain health problems * they have certain psychological issues Men of any age who cannot get an erection should talk to their doctors for options for solving the problem.

How do you get erect?

When ur aroused sexually ,, try watching porn or drinking viagra ,, also helps if a girl touches u

Why do penises get erect?

Your brain reacts to certain things that turns you on and then the penis get filled with blood which leads to erection. Otherwise you would not be able to have intercourse.

How long can erections get?

If you're under 12, it's 1-3 inches, if you're 13-18, it's 4-5 inches, and above 18, it's more than 5 inches.

How do you have a long erection?

Your erection can last for a while depending on what your are thinking of and your emotions your feeling rigth now. If you feel horny then you will stay erected and if your calm your erection will slowly shorten.

What is steel erection?

Steel erection means the construction, alteration or repair of steel buildings, bridges and other structures, including the installation of metal decking and all planking used during the process of erection

Can a girl have an erection?

No in the sense of the common form - an erection meaning an erect (hard) penis. They can have erect nipples (which I guess could be called erections because the definition of erection is "the action of erecting a structure or object.") and I guess in some people the clitoris could be pronounced and ( Full Answer )

How does an erection occur?

An erection occurs when the male penis is filled with blood. Also the muscles harden in the penis to make it hard with help of muscle linked to the anus. That's why a guy clenches up when he releases semen. Usually this process starts when the male thinks of something or sees or feels something that ( Full Answer )

Why do penises erect?

Your penis will become erect if you are sexually aroused. This can happen due to a pretty girl or something like porn.

I sing in a band and sometimes if I scream really hard I get a erection followed by some dizziness. It only happens if I scream really hard. Does anyone know what this is?

Well, it's kinda complicated to explain. Whenever you scream really hard, your voicebox is taking that pressure. You know when you get calluces on your hands? Well, apparently that CAN HAPPEN to your voicebox too, so be careful! That stomach pain and dizziness? Well that's your body telling you you' ( Full Answer )

What causes an erect penis not to be hard enough to penetrate?

It depends on the individual. If the male is middle-age or older, it could be caused by restricted blood flow through the Dorsal Artery or any point of blood flow to the Dorsal artery. Blood flow restrictions can be caused by arterial plaque or other physical causes. Diabetes can cause similar erect ( Full Answer )

How can you get a bigger erection?

It depends how big you have had one. There is always a limit; so you cannot go bigger and bigger everytime. Try to be yourself and enjoy your relationship and you and your partner will feel fulfilled.

How do you increase hard erections in male?

Erections are caused by blood pooling in the penis. So if you can increase blood flow you'll get harder erections.. Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your blood flow. Don't smoke, as that constricts blood flow.. There are also natural herbs that can help improve blood flow to the penis. ( Full Answer )

How not to have erections?

I'm sure there are surgical procedures. However, I don't see why you wouldn't want to have a erection. One way is not to have sex and/or sexual enjoyment! It is possible to use female hormones and/or androgen blockers to stop erections. For transsexual women, erections are annoying and remind them ( Full Answer )

After about 7 ejaculations it is hard for me to get another erection how can this be improved?

You're obviously wasting every ones time with your ridiculous and outlandish question. If you could maintain an erection after one ejaculation. You wouldn't have time to be asking idiotic questions. In all seriousness though, in order to achieve an erection after seven ejaculations, you must place a ( Full Answer )

Do shemales get erections?

Yes she-males are simply males who are going thru transition tobecome a woman and have taken hormones, had breast augmentation andpossibly facial feminizing surgery. They are still genetically andin all other ways male so there genitalia functions just as anyother mans would. If a Shemale takes fema ( Full Answer )

Can baby's have erections?

Yes, babies can have erection as long as they have enough blood flow throughout all their body.

Why cant you stay hard you are a healthy 18 year old boy and when your girlfriend and you try to have sex you lose your erection you have no problem any other time?

You may not be as interested in your girlfriend as you think you are or very possibly, you are trying too hard. Over thinking it instead of just going with the flow. You may also be worried about getting her pregnant, getting caught, how well you will do, will she be impressed or not. It is somethin ( Full Answer )

How To get erect?

A man can get erect in many different ways: masturbating, sexual intercourse, or sexual excitement.

How do you improve your erections?

I use a cock ring every time and mine-rock hard. I fell asleep one night after alot of drinks and I woke up with a huge red penis. I noticed in the next few months my erection was a lot shorter and very curved to the left. I think I have lost 3 inches in the last year so a dude has to be careful ( Full Answer )

Can you use something at home to get a hard erection?

Well if you are in the area call me a st.bernard.My neighbor has RED HOT DAUGHTERS.They are red hair,skinny and chubby.They like to play in the water/I watch/.Wipeout is coming to town,may walk to it.Did they do it last night?I think so!

Can a woman take 15'' hard rock erection?

If there were such a thing, it would be like everything else . . . it depends on the woman. For most women, it would be very painful, especially because it would be much wider than normal.

Can quadrapalegics get erections?

Generally if the nerves from the penis to the spinal cord are intact, they should be able to. They of course would not be able to feel anything from it. The erection would simply be a nerve response. There are injections that are put directly into the penis that pretty much force an erection.

Why is it hard to pee when men are erect?

it is hard to pee when erect because their is a valve in the Male Reproductive system that automatically blocks urine from coming out when Ejaculation happens it is just a natural thing the Male body does to prepare for sex.

How do erection start?

HOW is an erection formed? There are at least TWO possible ways to interpret the question. Is the question: (#1)What physiology makes a male get an erection OR it could be #1: During and after puberty, when the male brain is sexually stimulated or if the bladder is full overnight, an erection wil ( Full Answer )

Do roosters get erections?

A rooster has 2 testicles, which are inside his body, but he doesn't have a penis, so, NO, he cannot get an erection. There is a small bump on the back wall of the cloaca. The sperm exit through this papilla. When the rooster mounts the hen, the cloaca meet in the "cloacal kiss" and the sperm is dep ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to keep a penis hard after erection?

The only ways to keep the penis erect are continued stimulation and medication. Stimulation can be in the form of arousal (looking at or thinking of arousing things) or through directly touching or manipulating the penis. One caution is that it is not good for the penis to be erect for over 4 hou ( Full Answer )

What can you do if you cannot get an erection?

For a male who cannot get an erection it is very frustrating not tomention embarrassing. Not being able to get an erection can bebecause of many factors, to include tiredness, stress, illness andnot being physically turned on. However, it could also be due to amedical condition such as erectile dysf ( Full Answer )