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How do you get an older guy to like you?


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Put out


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it depends how old is the guy.

It depends on how old YOU are

They can i like this guy and my friend (who's best friends with him) told me this guy did and there's 3 year gap

Nothing really. It just means you like older men.

It's not weird to like an older guy but by taking it further it could lead to major consequences. Relationships between young girls and older guys are illegal in some countries and should be approached cautiously.

No, you are OK to be attracted to whoever you like.

This is what ya say, youngen. I LOVE YOU!

Well, If you like a guy and he is older than you, you should not give up.

If a guy is two or 3 years older than you, you tell him you like him by saying, "I like you."

no its fine who you like it doesnt matter how old they are

Well there is this older guy and i really like him, and we used to hang out but now he is having second thoughts because of the age thing, how can i win him over

No, it's very usual that the guy is older.

talk to himgive him flowersand cardthats what i did he knows i like himyes i love older guys!

it matters how old are you and he is..can you please say your age?

No just stay concentrated on school

it depends on the guy your talking about. some might like older girls and some might like younger.

It depends how much older. How old are you and how old is he. Also, if you really like him A LOT. It shouldn't matter. Age isn't nothing but a number.

move on and find someone that probably likes you to.

It seems like you like this guy, Two years is not an incredible age difference, especially as you get older. But if you do not like the idea of dating someone two years older, it seems he will probably only get off your mind when you begin to like someone else.

No, not at all. Unless you are 12 or younger.

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