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U right click on the messenger icon in the start tab, click on status, more statusses, personalized statusses, then write what u want and click personalize. Dnt forget to choose the status u want to show(busy, away, brb...)

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A person who delivers messages?


A part of a cell the sends messages from the nucleus to the cytoplasm is?

Messanger RNA

What was Hermes domain?

Hermes was the messanger God. He mainly gave and sent messages to Zues

How is Hermes famous?

Hermes is famous becouse he is a greek god. Hermes is the messanger god. (He delivers messages)

What does mRNA stand for and why does it have to be made?

Messanger RNA and it sends the messages for the DNA because the DNA cannot leave the nucleus

What did tom longboat do in world war 1?

He was a messanger, he delivered messages to the troops in france near the battles of Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele.

She is messanger for mythology?

Greek Mythology: Hermes is the MessangerIris is the goddess of Rainbows and a Messanger of the Gods

What did paul winterler do for a living?

Paul Winterler was a messanger who rode from place to place delivereing messages to and from people. He was a very fast rider and could cover large areas of riding to deliver messages in short times.

Can the LG Neon auto delete text messages?


Why can't i send picture messages from text plus and receive them?

You have to upgrade to text plus silver in order to send and receive picture messages.

Can you get games on the samsung messanger touch?

No. You can not get games on the messanger touch unless you buy them.

How do you set auto messages on MSN?

no stoy<<<<<<<<<<< volver en momento

What is Avril lavigne's ym?

My Yahoo messanger is My Yahoo messanger is My Yahoo messanger is

What is the newest version of msn?

Messanger Live Or MSN Beta. Messanger Live Or MSN Beta.

Is meebo dangerous?

Meebo is not Dangerous, as you dont have to download anything, meebo is a Web Messanger, so it is probably as Dangerous as Windows Live Messanger, Yahoo Messanger, and all the other messangers out there

How do you type messages on wizard 101?

how do you get speedchat plus on wizard101

Messanger of the gods?


Who was the messanger god?


How do you spell messanger?


Who is the messanger god in Norse mythology?

There is no messenger god. Each deity has their own personal messenger. For example, Odin and Frigga share Hugin, Munin, Geri, and Freki, as the Valkyries carry their own messages.

TACACS plus uses what rather than UDP for messages?


How do you have a video conference on live messanger?

You will need: a. A webcam b.Windows live Messanger 9 (As this is what the instructions are based on. You can do it in other versions but I am explaining about messanger 9) 1. Open up messanger 2. Double click on the contact of whom you want to have a video conference with 3. Click the button which says video AND YOUR DONE

How do you set an auto signature to your text messages on a Motorola L7c for Cricket?

i would answer u if i had that phone

How do you get auto message on MSN?

To get auto reply download messenger plus live it has Auto message feature in it hope that helped :)

Has jeff hardy got messanger?