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How do you get away from a verbally abusive parent with out their consent?

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You may want to call Child Protective Agency. Depending on where you're located, they may go by a different name. Check in your phone book. Also, maybe try talking to your Preacher or a Police Officer.

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Your husbands ex is verbally abusive to the kids How do you help them when they visit you?

Keep them away from the father and make an agreement with him not to be verbally abusive to your children

What to do when a boyfriend is verbally abusive?

Drop him like a hot potato. Verbal abuse isn't far away from physical abuse. and a friend doesnt abuse you.

Can a custodial parent move 600 miles away without consent from courts or other parent even if in same state?

Unless you have a divorce agreement which specifically states that you cannot move to a different location without the consent of the other parent, then yes, you are free to move.

Can a 15- year- old runaway without parental consent?

Running away is always without parental consent! If the parent would consent to you running away they are kicking you out and are guilty of child abandonment. Nothing will be solved by running away though. If you are being abused contact the police or the CPS.

How do you get away from abusive person?

There are many different answers depending on your relationship to the abusive person. In all cases there are two questions: the first one is, who is the abusive person and what is the relationship to you. If the abusive person is a parent, ask a teacher. If the abusive person is a teacher, tell a parent. If the abusive person is a brother or sister tell a parent. If the parent will do nothing, tell a teacher. If the teacher will do nothing, tell the principal. There is someone who can do something. If it is someone on your way to school, tell both your parent and teacher. Assault is a crime. A person can go to prison for that even if it is a kid. In Florida, both the Methodist Children's Home and Boys Town have a number of boys and girls who have been abused and removed from their homes. You have to tell people you are being abused before HRS will do anything.

Why do verbally and mentally abusive men blame the fighting and problems on you and is it best to leave?

The person doing the abusing is always responsible for that abuse. Abusive people always place the responsibility on someone else, and they always will if they can get away with it. If a situation becomes physical, it's always time to leave.

Can a parent get in trouble for a 17 year old runaway?

Not usually for the runaway behavior itself, but perhaps the underlying cause of the behavior: a parent can be arrested for being abusive, which led to the child running away.

How do you have your mentally and verbally abusive husband removed from your home?

Call the police or divorce him If there is a threat of physical violence, you may also be able to obtain a protective or restraining order, requiring him to leave your home and stay away from you.

If your father is still verbally abusive to you as an adult should you allow your son to stay with his grandfather for the weekend?

Why would anyone leave a child with someone who is verbally abusive? No. Your son should not see you being spoken to disrespectfully by a close family member as it will affect his attitudes as he grows up. You don't need the upset of it either. I think your father should be kept away from your son until he learns to behave like a reasonable adult.

Why is He so verbally abusive?

He can be verbally abusive due to many different reasons. I will explain some examples. He may have grown up with a father who was verbally abusive, and he may have picked up on his father's characteristics of being verbally abusive. He may be verbally abusive because he lacks self confidence.Another reason why he is verbally abusive is because he may be trying to control you. Control in relationships may not be recognized easily,however, if you are experiencing verbal abuse you should be aware that he may be trying to control you. You should try to take actions to change his behavior, seeking help from counselors is a great way to start. Verbal abuse can effect you mentally,physically, and emotionally. Anwer2. Verbal, emotional and physical abuse are forms of VIOLENCE. The Bible makes this point at Ephesians 4:31: Put away from yourselves every kind of malicious bitterness, anger, wrath, screaming, and abusive speech as well as everything injurious." Jehovah God does not approve of abusive speech or conduct and that victims should not accept such behavior as normal or as something that is their fault. People that belittle others just try to elevate themselves because of their own insecurities. Being a victim of verbal or physical abuse can be devastating. Do not continue to suffer in silence, hoping things will change. THEY DO NOT!!! Often a person who is abusive needs to seek professional help for something that has happened in their past that they have never dealt with. It could have been an abusive father, a molestation or something else traumatic. You can suggest that both of you go to counseling together. If he is not agreeable, ask yourself, is this really a situation you want to stay in long term. Only you can decide whether it is worth it, but know that everyone deserves to be treated with love, kindness and respect.

If your girl ran away from her abusive mother and she had no where to go would you be wrong for letting her stay with you especially if you love each other?

Yes you would be wrong if she is under the age of consent.

How do you reason with abusive partner?

You don't. You get away.

When do you walk away from a conflict?

You walk away from a conflict between you and another person when things are not getting resolved.You walk away or run if another person is going to abuse you verbally or physically.You walk away when the conflict is between other people, they are safe, and it is none of your business AND you have no way to help them or your help is unwanted.You walk away when the conflict is really trivial.You never walk away when children are involved and the child needs protection or removal.You never walk away when a women is being abused or about to be abused. You take her with you and tell the man or other person to cool down.You walk away when you yourself feel like getting violent or verbally abusive.

Can a parent prevent the other parent from moving out of state when they have joint custody?

If the parent who wants to move is the parent with physical custody the move will be easier with the consent of the non-custodial parent. The court will seek their consent. If they do not consent then there will be a hearing. There are circumstances when the court will allow the move, however, there must be a very good reason. If allowed, the court will modify the visitation schedule to make certain the non-custodial parent will continue to enjoy as much time with the child as possible. On the other hand the court may decide that a change in physical custody is appropriate if the parent who wants to move far away is doing it for a new job that is not exactly necessary or for a new marriage. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues.

How do you deal with a 23 yr old that is verbally and emotionally abusive to a parent?

The parent or parents are to blame for letting one of their own children verbally and emotionally abuse them. Often the parent has spoiled the child allowing them to take control instead of the parent taking control. A 23 year old is no longer a minor and the parent can call the police to have the 23 year old removed from the residence and if need be a 'Cease and Desist Order' drawn up in hopes it will keep the son or daughter away from the parent. If this is done, but the son or daughter continue to telephone or contact the parent in any way with threats of violence then the parent can again report their child to the police and in many cases the son or daughter will go to court and possibly jailed. In such cases the parent has to be strong to stand on their own two feet knowing what they are doing is better for their son or daughter in the long run and with luck the son and daughter will learn the hard way that there are laws to protect the innocent; even their parent. If you decide to kick your son or daughter out of the resident you live in and you are female then have a male relative or a good male friend stay with you for a few days to be sure you have no repercussions from your child.

Can a seventeen year old move to Australia?

I don't see why not. but from the way you're stating it i bet you're running away. You can't move to Australia without parent consent.

How is it in the best interest of the child if a protection order is in effect during a divorce?

It all depends on the situation. If you are getting one to just keep the parent away from the kid its not in the child's best interest. However if the parent is a drug addict or abusive it would defiantly be right to put one on.

Shouldn't Children be taken away from their abusive parents?


What age does a child have to be to get away from an abusive parent that is giving him drugs and having him sell drugs for them We live in the State of West Virginia. Or what can I do to get custody?

The child can be any age. Repot it to the Dpartment of Human Services. Or the police.

What are the steps of getting out of an abusive relationship?

Move away, inform the police.

In South Carolina if i am 17 and my fiance is 19 and living away from home can i leagaly move out and marry him with out parent consent?

In South Carolina a 17 year old can move out of their parent's home and get married. You need to be at least 16 years old and have a signed consent form to get married.

Can you go to jail for running away from abusive parents?

* If you are a minor and run away and break the law this is the only time you may be arrested. Since your parents are abusive then seek out help from Child Aid in the area you live. If you don't know the phone number then ask the operator and she will give you the phone number. If you are a minor the streets are not safe for you and running never accomplished anything. Seek the help from Child Aid and they will protect you against your abusive parents. Be sure what you consider your parents are doing is abuse. This is not abuse: A parent grounding their minor child for staying out late at night or not doing their homework on time; skipping school; hanging out with the wrong crowd; doing drugs (including alcohol) or if parents have found drug paraphernalia in their room. Abusive parents are parents that hit constantly; kick; scratch; punch or verbally abuse their child or by demeaning them by calling them names such as 'stupid'; to 'you're fat and ugly', etc., or sexually abuse the minor child.

Can you get taken away from your adoptive parent?

Yes, if it is determined that you are being abused or neglected you can be taken away from an adoptive parent.

What to do when you have a verbally and physically abusive 18yr old in your home?

if you have that problem there should be immediate action took, right away!! he or she should be put on immidiate punishment by takin there most prized posetion like a cell phone laptop etc.. if it doesnt stop kick them out or tell them you would call the police..

Can a parent have their child arrested for running away?

A parent can have their child arrested for running away. The child is taken to the juvenile detention center and the parent picks the child up from there.

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