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From a female Betta. Then the male Betta fertilizes them when they breed together.

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Q: How do you get betta eggs?
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How do you know when a female betta is going to lay eggs?

A female Betta can only lay her eggs when she is cuddled/embraced under a bubble nest by the male Betta. She can not lay eggs by herself.

Can female take care of betta eggs?

The female Betta does not take care of the eggs. She doesn't because she will eat them and she has no interest for them.The father Betta protects and cleans the eggs until they have hatched.

What color are betta fish eggs?

The color of the Betta fish.

Can a female betta fertilize her eggs without the male betta?

No! It is in fact the males(every species)that fertilize the eggs. The females only produce eggs.

What do you do if your female betta starts to lay eggs?

i think you should let the female betta take care of its own eggs

How many eggs does a female betta fish lay?

A female Betta splendens will usually lay anywhere from 50 to 1,000 eggs.

How many baby fish can a betta have?

Betta fish usually have 10-300 eggs. They can have up to 700 eggs.

Can you feed your betta fish eggs?

Fish eggs - yes, chicken eggs - no.

How do you encourage a female beta to lay eggs?

The only thing that will encourage a female Betta to release her eggs is a male Betta with a proper nest.

How do you tell if your betta fish is pregnant?

Female betta fish lay eggs. If the female has vertical stripes that stand out, she is going to lay her eggs soon.

My betta's belly is expanded what does that mean?

It might meen that your betta fish is about to lay eggs.

Can a male betta fish have babies by himself?

no. the male betta just cares for the eggs. the male betta does somthing to the female called an embrace, he basicly hugs the eggs out of her than he kills the female or his just fights with her until she leaves him alone. then he cares for the eggs until hatching.

What does it mean when your betta fish is fasting?

When your Betta fish is fasting it means it is not eating, this usually happens after the Betta has bred and it will not eat until all the Betta eggs are hatched.

How does betta fish get eggs?

it humped another beta then lays eggs

How do betta eggs look?

the eggs look white and small and it a circle.

What would you do if your betta fish didn't eat for months?

I am not certain but here is some information it will probably die but this will usually happen when your male betta fish is caring for the eggs because the betta is scared it might do an accident and eat one of its eggs instead of the betta foods that you give it

What color are betta eggs?


Where does a Betta Fish lay it's eggs?

a Betta fish will lay it's eggs in the bubble nest of the male

Did your betta lay eggs?

Yes my female betta did lay egg's,the male picked them up with his mouth and put the eggs in the bubble nest.them i removed the female and male betta stayed,after the eggs hatch,after a day and a half i took the male out of the fish tank and the baby's were by therem self's

Who or which Betta fish takes care of the eggs?

the male betta does, the female just swims away.

Can male betta fish have babies?

Betta splendens are egg layers. The male Betta fertilises the females ova (eggs) and looks after the babies (fry) until they are free swimming.No, only female fish can because they produce eggs!

What should you do if the betta eats the eggs?

Betta's eat eggs! You do not do anything. Betta's very likely will eat tiny eggs. That is just the way they are and there is nothing you can do to change that. I think you may need to add onto this question because it really does not make very much sense. Good luck with whatever you are talking about!!

How does a female betta lay eggs?

the female betta fish are released from a vent while a male embraces her

How you can tell a female betta from male betta?

usally femal betas will lay eggs and they`re smarter!!

Why does female betta has eggs while their not married?

Your betta fish may have been impregnated before you got her.