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You can try nail polish remover, which has an ingredient in it that counteracts the ingredients in nail polish.

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She wears black or red nail polish

Any you like! here's some suggestions: Pink nail polish with black crackle Blue nail polish with black crackle Black nail polish with pink crackle Pink nail polish with white crackle Grey nail polish with blue crackle Black nail polish with white crackle Red with green crackle for Christmas Orange with black crackle for Halloween Yellow with blue crackle for summer.

it just means you like red nail polish.

Black or red might look cute

go to walmart they have cheap nail polish there

black yellow black red blue i think all

A lot of women wear red nail polish because red looks good with most skin tones and women like their nail polish to look good

Mix red black and white! 😀

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) can wear whatever type of nail polish they choose. The Church has absolutely no guidelines with regards to nail polish. However, in most cases you will be asked to remove your nail polish if you are participating in a temple ceremony, especially if it is a really bright color such as red or black.

Have you tried nail-polish remover? I would suggest repeated dabbings, switching to fresh cotton balls soaked in remover as the old ones become discolored with the polish. When all the polish is out, launder your trousers as usual. I used this method to get red polish out of a pair of blue-jeans. You might need to bleach the pants or use a laundry booster, as I found that the polish remover got out stains on the old jeans that I didn't know were there. ;-) After washing the jeans a couple times, the color evened out, and no lasting damage was done from the remover.

She usually likes to put black nail polish. Her favorite colors are Red and Black!

Well you can get stainless steel nail polish

It's not because it's the colour red; it's either because it's of bad quality, or because with red nail polish you can see the difference between the nail polish colour and your actual nail colour better.

There is nothing wrong with red nail polish, but some people find it unclassy, other people find it boring. Red nail polish isn't for people who are shy; it is very noticeable. If you like red nail polish, just wear it. Make sure to find the right shade for your skin tone, though.

try watermelons! my friends love them! {i'm 15} you do the whole nail in green, then let dry for a minute or two, then about a tenth of an inch up paint silver, then let dry for one or two minutes, then about a tenth of an inch up paint red, then let dry, then make black dots with a sharpie or nail polish pen or a thin nail polish brush with black nail polish and then a top coat which is very important for the seeds (black dots)

Vanessa Hudgens' favorite color is red, but she often wears black nail polish so it would be red and black.

Black purple orange pink blue and red

Hippos wear red nail polish to complement their pink tutus.

Nail Polish as we know it today was invented about 5000 years ago by the Chinese with the favored colors being red and black. The Egyptians apparently used to dip their fingers into orange henna.

You can't. Red is a primary color.

Nail polish is made of 95% poisonFun facts about nail polish is it makes your nails look pretty and sexy. i think a red is cute. although red is a good color too. thanks for using my advice.

She Wears Black when shes on Wizards. Red when she out and clear sometimes x