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Use a fabric cleaner or a rug stain remover. Folex is a great all around spot remover. Do not use bleach because there could be other colors in the fabric. If that doesnt work call a rug or apolstry cleaner.

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How do you get black dye off of a white leather couch?

You can use vinegar or hand soap or baking soda with a drop of water in

How do you get paint off of a leather couch?

you lick it and if it is a white couch you use red wine

Are blue foxes dyed furs?

During the winter, an Artic Fox may give off the color of blue when the Sun shines off of their fur. It is not dye, and the foxes are typically white.

How do you remove blue dye from white canvas shoes?

Hairspray but let it sit for a while before you try and take off.

What can you use t get hair dye off your polyester couch?

well you will have to try carpet cleaner or use strong wipes

Can you dye an off white cotton a bright white?

You can bleach it, and that should make it a bright white color.

How do you get ink from a pen off of a brand new white couch?

hair spray works sometimes

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How was the blue dye made from the plant indigo?

Blue dye was made from the indigo plant because all this is possible if you dry the leaves of this plant you will discoverer that gives off a powdered flake when water is added to the powder flakes a blue substance is formed therefore becoming blu dye.

How do you clean red dry erase marker off of couch cushion?

well, you could get some NEW couch covers, use rubbing alchohal, use white board spray, or just get a new couch.

How can i get marker out of my white couch?

Try using lotions, or Off Kids. It would leave a mark but unnoticeable.

Why does dark laundry come out with white?

The dye in dark clothing comes out regardless of the presences of white clothing. When a dark item is dyed, the manufacturer sets the dye to make sure that it stays on the fabric, but some of the dye doesn't set. When this item is washed, some of that un-set dye may come off and redeposit itself on surrounding clothes. If the dye redeposits on a dark item, the dye will not be visible, but if the dye redeposits on a white item, the dye will change the color. It is generally not permanent, but sometimes the heat of the dryer can set the newly redeposited dye into clothes.

How do you get clear fingernail polish off of a off white leather purse or couch?

ever hear of fingernail polish remover? It exists now. buy a new purse or couch! paint nails in the bathroom only, or try bleach.

How do you get hair dye stain off of white sink?

use the magic eraser (mr. clean)

How do you get blue jean dye off your uggs?

Ugg cleaner kit works. Dry cleaners too

How do you get red dye off white clothes?

im afraid you cant. its there for goog now, or as far as i know!

How to get black hair dye off surfaces?

scrub with ajax. its works on my white bathroom sink counters.

What colors goes with color blue?

blue and like a creamy off white color

Why does dark blue jeans stain white shoes?

With a brand-new pair of jeans, it is possible to rub the indigo dye off with your hand, so it's no surprise it will stain white shoes. The solution is to wash the jeans - long cycle, and preferably twice - before wearing them.

How do you clean a stain off a denim couch without having the material fade?

If you are going to wash the covering, put a little dye of the same color in the wash to avoid fading. (I saw this on HGTV)

How do you get nail polish off of a couch without ruining the couch?

Finger Nail Polish?

Will black clothing dye look uneven if slowly dabbed on a hoodie Can you re-dye a hoodie black while still keeping some white parts whiteand how can you wash it off without getting the black on white?

yes and no

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How do you get hair dye off of bathroom counters?

i got red dye all over my white counters and i was desperate for a solution so i went to astringent with a cotton round it did very well