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Q: How do you get bubbles out of the hot tub?
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How do you get air bubbles out of a hot tub?

pop them. ha!

What if you fart in a hot tub?

Than you say the bubbles were on!

How do you remove the bubbles in a hot tub?

Pop them. Tediously. One. By. One.

Does hot tub water boil?

If you heat it enough it will. However, in normal operation, a hot tub does not actually boil water; the bubbles are mainly air.

Hot Tub Covers?

form_title= Hot Tub Covers form_header= Keep your hot tub looking nice with a cover. Where is the hot tub located?*= _ [50] What is the size of your hot tub?*= _ [50] What is the model and make of your hot tub?*= _ [50]

Hot Tub Cover?

form_title=Hot Tub Cover form_header=Get a custom hot tub cover to fit any size hot tub. What is the brand of your hot tub?*= _[50] What is the model of your hot tub?*= _[50] Would you like to order a custom cover to fit your hot tub?*= () Yes () No

Do hot tub covers protect the hot tub from damage?

Hot tub covers can indeed prevent your hot tub from being damaged. they prevent leaves from falling into your hot tub, which can clog up various pipes and whatnot in your hot tub. Also, anything else that could get into your hot tub, will be prevented from doing so.

What are some hot tub accessories?

"If it is an outside hot tub for adults, then you can get teeki torches for a romantic setting. If it is inside for adults, some candles and a tv or a radio playing soft music. But if it is for kids they rubber ducks and extra bubbles."

Hot Tub or Spa Installation or Replacement?

form_title=Hot Tub or Spa Installation or Replacement form_header=9293 Which kind of spa or hot tub would you like?*= () Free-standing (portable) () Built-in (in-ground) What are the dimentions of the hot tub or spa?*= () Two person () Four person () Six person () Eight person () Ten person Which features would you like included with your hot tub?*= [] Exercise swim jets [] Lights [] Stereo and integrated speakers [] Cushioned head rests [] Bubbles [] Tub freeze protection [] Ozonator [] Chemical feeders [] Programmable filtration cycles [] Remote control [] Pivoting seats [] Deck [] Don't Know What area are you planning to put the hot tub or spa?*= () Indoor hot tub/spa () Outdoor hot tub/spa Has the hot tub or spa for this project already been purchased?*= () Yes () No

What is the hot tub on YoVille all about?


How can I use a hot tub cover?

You use a hot tub cover after the hot tub has cooled off. Using it while your hot tub is still warm can cause your cover to break.

What is is fun to do in a tub?

Play with bubbles and play with a duck.

How much does a hot tub cost?

for a luxury hot tub it is 15,000

Pool chemicals in a hot tub?

What about "pool chemicals in a hot tub"?

What is the starting age to get in the hot tub?

you have to be 12 to go into a hot tub.

Why do bubbles appear when you push a dry sponge into a tub of water?

because air bubbles are released

Can you get herpes from sharing a hot tub?

You won't get herpes from sharing a hot tub.

When was The Hot Tub created?

The Hot Tub was created on 1995-10-19.

How expensive are hot tub covers?

Hot tub cover prices usually depend on the type of hot tub that you own. Hot tub cover prices can range between $100 to $400. It also depends on your income to decide if a hot tub cover is too expensive.

What is the term 'hot tub' in German?

A "hot tub" for more than one person is "Gemeinschaftswanne"A "hot tub" or "hot bath" for one person is "Heiße Badewanne"

Why should I purchase a hot tub heater?

A hot tub is just that a tub of hot water thus, the need for a heater. To reek the benefits and pleasures of owning a hot tub a heater is an essential element to the experience.

Does going in a hot tub make you tired?

Only during the time in which your are in the hot tub. After leaving the hot tub, all prior weariness will have evaporated.

What is the average weight of a standard hot tub cover?

An average hot tub cover weighs 20lbs. This can vary depending on how large the hot tub is.

What happens when laundry detergent is poured into the pool hot tub?

Lots a bubbles. Drain/clean/refill. Purge filter of soap residue. k

How cold is the water at water parks?

Its just like taking a bubble bath in your tub but without the bubbles. You should probably go on a hot day.