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How do you get celbi in emerald?


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I'm not sure but if you go to and type in "finding celebi in Pokemon emerald i think there is a video that shows how to do it


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well,i cant think you could but you can catch the regies answer no

celbi cannot be cached on Pokemon heart gold and soul silver to get celbi in gold and silver you haft to cheat sorry:( not god at English

You must trade it from Emerald currently. Soon, there will be a Celebi Wi-Fi event (happening in Japan right now) so you can get one then.

a special event was released last year and that was the event which gave celbi to you

There will soon be an event to get it or you can transfer a 10th anniversery from a GBA game such as saphire, or Leaf Green.

You can get the Celbi in Pokemon Nirvana by having Pikachu on the correct level and then you climb up the Cyrus tree. You will then see the Celbi in the tree.

You have to trade it from a 3rd gen game (which gets it from a Nintendo Event).

It's only an event pokemon. Check out for details on that

Celebi is only available through special Pokemon Events.

Ive foud celbi fianally he so awsome! hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

You don't, unless you use action replay codes, which you shoulden't

raikou, sucine, entel, mew, mewtwo, celbi, ho-oh, and lugia

The only way to get Celebi is to transfer it from GBA via pal park. I hope I helped :)

probably mewtew,ho-oh,lugia,dialga,palkia,acerucs, but mostly celbi.

if you are doing the quest wish for the vien forest. after you find ollie in vien forest go left and catch a floatzel walk past blastoies and ride the floatzel till you reach the dock near waterfall get off at that dock and Celbi will appear next to the water fall. the walk south and you will find celbi there it will run from you though so you will have to have a doduo so that you can chance it down faster as the long grass dose make you go slow.

you have to go to the unkown place and defeat 100 unknown in a row without losing the same with jirachi

in vein forest but you need to complete all 59 quests to get it. it's a celbi

I'm not sure but read a comet that said you could get it from a trainer but to tell its fake he got somhow

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Hi, great question! OK, what you need is a Japanese Nintendo Gamecube, a Japanese Gameboy Advanced, Japanese version of Pokemon Emerald and a Japanese version of Pokemon Coliseum. Remember how on the American version of Coliseum on the bonus disk you got Jirachi? Well, on the Japanese version, you get Celebi. After getting Celbi on your Jap. Emerald, you just trade it over to your US Emerald. I've heard rumors that trading between Japanese and Us games will crash both games, forcing you to restart, but no one is confirming this, so you're free to try. Good luck!

its not an emerald its RAYQUAZA the main legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald.

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