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you do a speacial mission on ranger net once you beat the whole game

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Q: How do you get celibe on Pokemon ranger and send to Pokemon platinman?
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Is there anyway to get celibe the Pokemon gold to white?

just send celibe as a mystory gift to anthor ds and resive celibe

How can you send the three regis from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon pearl?

trade them

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon heart gold?

you choose the Pokemon you are going to send from ranger and click send you then at the same time heartgold has to be on mystery gift searching for gifts from firiends

How do you unlock the send option in Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

If it is a wireless mission, you can get into a send menu to send deoxys heatran or manaphy. Send Pokemon appears as an option on the ranger net menu. Ingame experience.

How get regice regirock and registeel from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon pearl?

There is no way to send regice regirock and registeel from ranger to pearl. the only Pokemon that can be transferred from ranger to pearl is the manaphy egg.

Were can you find manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

You can't, you must send it over from Pokemon Ranger.

What trainers have manaphy in Pokemon Platinum?

None You have to get it from someone else or send it from Pokemon ranger to platinum

In the old PokΓ©mon ranger can you send a PokΓ©mon to PokΓ©mon dimand?

Yes. Especialy the manaphy egg. WHAT! the first Pokemon ranger did'NT sinnoh Pokemon. But i think it does have Ranger net.

Can you get Pokemon from ranger 1 to pearl?

Yes, you can send the Manaphy Egg from Ranger Net to either Diamond or Pearl.

How trasnfer Pokemon from Pokemon ranger gardien sighn to Pokemon platinum?

If you have two Nintendo, Put Guardian Signs in one and Platinum in the other. On Platinum, go to Mystery Gift, and hit Recieve from a Friend. On Ranger, Go to Ranger Net, Send a Pokemon, Hit the Pokemon you want to send, and send. Both must be nearby. THis works with Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold, and SoulSilver as well. Each Pokemon can be sent only once.

How do you get a manaphy egg in Pokemon ranger then send to Pokemon Platinum?

you have to get the wi-fi event,finich it and transfer it to platinum

How do you trade between Pokemon platinum and Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

bye going to platinum Pokemon center and and press send

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