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How do you get chansey?

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don't you mean where do you get chansey? they are found above solaceon town but if you want to know how to get chansey you throw a pokeball at it but u might have to get quite a few cos chansey usually breaks free?

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Can you get a male chansey?

No. Chansey is 100% female.

When was Chansey created?

Chansey was created in 1996.

What level does Chansey evolve in Platinum?

There is no specific level in which Chansey evolves. Chansey evolves by love, care, and battling, and massaging. Chansey does not evolve by level.

What Pokemon evolves into chansey in Pokemon Platinum?

Well, Chansey evolves from Happiney then Chansey evolves into Blissey.

What is the first eveloution of chansey?

Happiny ---> Chansey -----> Blissey

What Pokemon will chansey and Ditto breed?

chansey dude.

When does chansey evolves in FireRed?

Chansey evolve in Blissey by happiness.

What route are chansey on in emerald?

Chansey isn't obtainable in emerald.

How do you evolve chansey LeafGreen?

to evolve chansey you need a moonstone

When does chansey evolve to blissey?

Chansey evolves into Blissey by Happiness Chansey is a good Pokémon only because of its killer HP

Where to catch Chansey in Pokemon platinum version?

You find Chansey on route 209 or 210. Be careful. Chansey are hard to catch.

Can you breed chansey into happiny?

yes you just need a girl chansey and a boy chansey and put them in the day care No. I dont think you CAN breed a Chansey or Blissey, because they are a female only species.

What type is chansey?

chansey, and all of it's evolutions are normal type

How do you evolve Chansey?

Level up Chansey on a high Friendship Level!!

What are all the rare pokemon in leafgreen?

magmar, lapras, tauros,chansey magmar, lapras, tauros,chansey magmar, lapras, tauros,chansey

Where do you catch a Chansey in Pokemon Silver?

In Pokemon silver you can catch a chansey in Fuschia city at midnight or a silver chansey in the morning. Hope this helps

What is the use of the oval stone?

It is used to evolve chansey first evolution into chansey

Where do you catch chansey in Pokemon Gold?

Chansey is rarely found on route 14.

Where do i get a chansey in Pokemon indigo?

Chansey can be found in Mauville City Gym map.

What stone evolves chansey?

There is no stone. Need to make Chansey full hapiness.

Is chansey good?

if you want a special defense type then chansey is the right one for you. even though it lacks good defense, chansey can be badass against psychics, or even special attacks. if you need a good team GET A CHANSEY

Where do you get a chansey in Pokemon Silver?

You can get a Chansey around Fusica City close to the bridges. If you want an Aerodactyl, you can trade a chansey with a lady in the grassy area that you have to use cut to get into.

In Pokemon soulsilver can you breed chansey and jigglytuff?

If your Wigglytuff/Jigglypuff (which are you saying?) is a male, then yes, you can. :) However, you will get a chansey or a happiny (if you give your chansey an odd incense), and not an igglybuff.

How do you get chansey to evolve?

i think that if you give Chansey a moonstone then it will evolve :) i think that is the only way

How do you Evolve Chansey in Pokemon Leafgreen?

Chansey > level up with max happiness > Blissey