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How do you get cladosporium?


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I live in a apartment on the second floor there was Reconstruction to all the first floor condos some had to have all wall reconstruction more the three time and still are having issues. My question is can the second floor condos still be effected by this mold issues. The builder was responsible because the building were not properly install with the right materials to prevent leakage in the walls and building structure. I have done a mold test and it came back that Cladosporium is present in my house. I am now dealing with respiratory systems which have cause bronchitis plus draining blister sore in my nose that even taken meds the problem still remains, also my dogs are experiencing same breathing problem. I am a renter and feel the place is not safe to live in. Could I be right about this mold affecting my health as well as my dogs. I am not the only one dealing with this problem. Please help I am concern about all people concerned.