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Youu go into either the gift shop, or sports shop, or anywhere else youuu can buy stuff, + , then, click on the little catalougue in the bottom right hand corner, and click on it, then whatever clothes or backgrounds, pins, whatever youuu want (!!), just click on the buy button if youuu can afford it. Unfortunately, most clothes youuu want to buy, youuu have to be a member to buy. sorry :(

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Can you keep your clubpenguin clothes?


How do you get free clothes in clubpenguin?

You get clothes for free in club penguin by events.

How do you sell clothes on clubpenguin?

Sorry, you cant.

Can you play a guitar on clubpenguin with clothes on?

no you cannot

Can you take people to a even funner website?

go to or clubpenguin. clubpenguin you cant buy clothes but at aobi you can.

How do you put your clothes on the mannequin clubpenguin?

You use the arrows on your keyboard.

What do you do with the clothes in clubpenguin on mission 10?

put it in ur inventory.

How do you use the jetpack in clubpenguin?

take of your clothes then click dance

Why cant you buy member clothes on clubpenguin?

You aren't a member.

How can you get free clothes on clubpenguin without being a member?

you cant

You are not a member on Clubpenguin but you want to buy clothes?

You have to be a member in order to wear clothes.i want to be membar in order to wear clothes plz

Why do you have to be a member to buy clothes?

because the people who made clubpenguin are stupid

How Could ClubPenguin Improve?

different clothes catalog every day

Who made the rule that you have to be a member to buy clothes on clubpenguin?

Club penguin did.

Do you have to be a superstar on stardoll to buy clothes?

no but there are certain clothes that u cant buy A2. Most clothes you have to but there are a few nice tops and bottoms that nonmembers can buy. Do you play clubpenguin or something? Because on clubpenguin you have to be a member to buy everything except free things

Can you be a member on clubpenguin with paying?

no. you can register, but you have to pay to decorate your igloo and buy clothes.

Can you get clothes for your puffle on clubpenguin?

You cannot at the moment but I have heard rumors about Puffle Hats.

What games have really cute clothes and cute avatars?

maplestory and clubpenguin and freepeep

Why do you need to become a member in clubpenguin?

because you have to become one to buy clothes

How do you play the guitar on clubpenguin with clothes on?

You cant it is impossible. You have to take your clothes off ad then click the dance button, then you will play the guitar.

Is there anyway to be a baby on clubpenguin?

Where baby clothes and act like a baby? Kinda obvious.....

What are new secrets on clubpenguin?

theres secrets in all of the clothes and igloos and igloos items catalogs!!

Is there a way to get free clothes to keep in clubpenguin if your not a member? parties there is free items. : D

How do you transfer clothes to one penguin to another?

You can't. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to transfer clothes from a penguin to another penguin. This is part of the game: ClubPenguin, which is now owned by Disney

How do you get 100 percent in clubpenguin ds?

You have to make money and buy all the clothes and get all the medals in the minigames.