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to get it back you cant

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Q: How do you get cockatrice cape back on runescape if you lost it?
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Can you get the spider cape back after dying on runescape?

Yes, talk to Diango in Draynor village to get back any lost holiday items.

If you lost zaniks crossbow how do you get it back in runescape?

noob you buy it

You lost your runescape account and password how do you get them back?

i go jagex ltd

How can you get fishing contest pass if you lost it on runescape?

Go back to the start, and try again.

You are in the middle of shield of arrav in runescape and lost half of the shield can you get it back?

Yes. You just simply go back to where you found the shield and get it.

Is there a cheat on Runescape?

There is no way to cheat on Runescape, may people have tried and lost runescape accounts over it.

How do you get the lighthouse key back if lost on runescape?

You don't need it anymore, once used once, you won't need again.

You are in the middle of shield of arrav in runescape and lost your shield?

If it is the shield that your gang had you can simply go back and get it. But if it was the other gangs shield you need to get someone to get you it.

Do you lost your furniture when you change the style of your house in runescape?


How do you do the lost tribe on runescape?

read link below

You lost the package you need to give to Auburn in runescape you lost it when you died how do you get it back?

If you look-up a quest guide for the quest your doing, assuming it is a quest, look for a Q & A section it should explain a good answer.

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