How do you get coins for evony age 2?


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Coins can be won from the amulet or can be purchased in the shop.

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There are no cheats for Evony Age II. Attempting to cheat will result in the compromising of your account.

You buy coins from them or get a membership from evony

Evony age II is now out.

you can buy them or you can get them from amulets

Yes you can. Just log into age 2 with your age 1 account and it will all be transferred.

Nothing, just show your best heros

double click attack on a npc

Win from amulet or get someone else to pay

The age for evony is mostly for preteens and up. For logging in you need an email.

There is currently no way to sell items on Evony.

Farming a Level 10NPC of Evony Age 2 can be determined through trial and error or through the use of what is commonly called a cheat code. Cheat codes are considered unethical.

Once your in truce, you can change it intill it has expires

There is no Evony Age 3, only 1 and 2. Evony has released no information regarding an Age 3, so anything you do hear is strictly speculation at this time. I heard gossip in the na42 Age II server beginner chat, a staff member got online and announced open beta will be release May 6th, this Sunday.

So far, you can't. You have to buy the coins with real money, I'm afraid.

there is no age limit to this game

Yes Evony is a free online game but you can buy game coins ( cents ) in exchange for U.S Dollars. Please note this is optanial.

You use it in your work shop to build armor and stuff for your hero's

Just click on a different world and you'll start a new game

click on youre portrait then click on the box on the right of youre heros name

latest is Epee na42 (launched 23 April 2012)

i think u need 60k and 10 lion medals and 5 hornier.

You have to buy game coins. Occasionally, you can win them on the wheel with an amulet roll. This is VERY rare and can range from 10 coins to 1000 coins.Don't count on this happening.

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