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you see all the Pokemon in platinum and trade from your other games like emerald, blue, fire red etc and that is how you find all Pokemon in platinum.

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Cheats for Pokemon Platinum National Pokedex?

First complete the sinnoh pokedex, 210 Pokemon

How do you complete pokedex on Pokemon Platinum?

you have to beat the Pokemon champion and later on in the game you will complete it

How do you complete the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

Just go to Pokemon platinum central and click on pokedex and it shows you where to battle all the Pokemon in sinnoh.

What happens when you 100 percent complete the pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

When you complete the sinnoh pokedex go over to Sandgem town and give your pokedex to Rowan and Proffesor Oak will give you the national pokedex where you must SEE every Pokemon that exists even the Pokemon that arent in Pokemon platinum.

How do you complete Sinnoh pokedex?

There is only one legitimate way to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex. To complete the Sinnoh Pokedex you must trade for the missing Pokemon with Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

How do you get the natinal pokedex on Pokemon Platinum?

Complete the sinnoh pokedex, and beat the Pokemon league. Then go to Rowan's lab.

How do you get the Pokemon radar in Pokemon Platinum?

complete the sinnoh pokedex and talk to professor rowan.

How do you complete your pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

find or catch them all of them if you like

What Pokemon is no 184 in pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

That pokemon is Azumarill in pokemon platinum in the national pokedex

What is no 96 on Pokemon Platinum pokedex?

No. 96 on Pokemon Platinum Pokedex is Drowzee. This is incorrect. No. 96 on the Platinum Pokedex is Happiny.

What is no 114 on Pokemon Platinum pokedex?

No. 114 on Pokemon Platinum Pokedex is Tangela.

How do you get to route 224 in Pokemon Platinum?

You need to complete the sinnoh pokedex (I think).

Pokemon Platinum Complete Pokedex Code?


What is number 102 pokedex Pokemon Platinum?

#102 in the Pokemon Platinum pokedex is Chatot.

The shortest Pokedex 100 complete code for platinum?

if you want to complete you pokedex faster you can get your friends to show you those Pokemon while battling

How can you get full pokedex in Pokemon platinum with action replay?

use complete pokedex cheat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l +r+select

How do you find 059 on pokedex on Pokemon Platinum?

Arcanine is the Pokemon which is known as the 059th in the PokeDex in Pokemon Platinum.

How do you get a beyleef in Pokemon platinum for your pokedex?

i finished the pokedex bayleef is not on it for platinum

Pokemon platinum ar code for complete pokedex?


Where do you get the National Dex on Pokemon Platinum?

You complete the shinho dex first and then you get the national pokedex

What do you do when you complete pokemon platinum on?

You could go around and try making some poffins. Try to complete the Pokedex.

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