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How do you get cursed mark saskue?

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Sasuke gets bitten on the neck by Orochimaru before the Chuunin Preliminary rounds.

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How do you release the curse mark on saskue in Naruto path of the ninja?

You need curse mark mark rampage

Why is the cursed mark in Naruto is called cursed seal of heaven why they put the name heaven into it?

I believe it's called a "cursed" seal due to the fact that it is mostly placed on jinchiruki or be cause it does something unnatural to the person it's placed on such as sasuke's cursed neck mark or sai's cursed tongue mark or neji's caged bird mark

Does Sasuke have a demon?

Saskue does not but he has the curse mark and orochimaru and he is lalmost like a demon.

What is the name of Sasuke's Curse Mark?

the name of his curse mark is the cursed seal of heaven. the aposite of the cursed seal of earth, kimimaro's

How does orochimaru die in Naruto shipudden?

Saskue kills him on the day he was supposed to take over saskue's body and absorbed his powers. but when Saskue faught Itachi orochimaru came back through saskue's cursed seal but Itachi sealed him with a special sword.

Did saskue die?

Yes but their is a new saskue older and stronger

Will saskue die?

no,saskue will die eventully but by age not murder

Will cursed mark Sasuke be in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?

Yes and so will Curse Mark 2.

What episode does 2 tail naruto fight curse mark saskue?

It hasn't happened. You might be thinking of original episode 134

What actors and actresses appeared in The Cursed Mirror - 2010?

The cast of The Cursed Mirror - 2010 includes: Mark Lewis Jones as Sir Oswallt

The mark of cane?

The mark of Cain was first introduced in the book of Genesis in the bible. God cursed Cain and put a mark on him after he murdered his brother Abel.

Does saskue turn good?

I think saskue will turn good at the end of naruto series

How old was Naruto and Saskue when they fought at Last Valley when Saskue was going to leave the Leaf Village to Orchimoro.?

Nauto was 12, almost 13, Saskue and Sakura were 13.

How do you get cursed marked Sasuke and nine tailed fox naruto in Naruto Ultimate Ninja?

to get cursed mark sasuke get 500 to get nine tailed fox get 1000

How do you unlock curse mark Sasuke?

beat survival mode in hard on Naruto Shippuden ninja destiny 2 (least 11 characters and you get naruto characters you get KID Saskue curse mark

Does saskue ever beat his brother?

yes Saskue beats Itachi in episode 135-138.

Does Kakashi have a curse mark?

No, only Sasuke and the Sound Ninja 5 have cursed marks.

What happens to saskue?

saskue is killed by naruto because he attackes the village he has the upper hand in battle until naruto uses his sharigon given to him by itachi and kills saskue but some how the sharingon saves him.

Does saskue love ino?


Does saskue kill Naruto?

No, he does not.

Does sakura marry saskue?


Will saskue kill karin?


How do you get cursed marked Sasuke in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2?

theris no curse mark sauske

How do you use cursed mark Sasuke on Naruto shippuden clash of the ninja revolution clash3?

you can't

How do you unlock cursed mark Sasuke on Naruto clash of ninja revolution 2?

do 60% of sasuke missions