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How do you get curves?

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Getting Curves Is A Fairly Hard Thing To Do... It's Something One's That Have, Are Born With. Most Females Are Stuck Their Whole Lives With Squared Figures, It's Not Like You're The Only One. But If It Bothers You Alot , And You Really Want That Model Type Figure, Execise! I Suggest Wall Push-Ups , And Stomache Involved Ones Like Sit-Ups. Try A Gym. Hope I Helped. ;]

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What are curves on a polygon?

Polygons do not have curves.

What shapes have curves?

What shape has curves

Why is there a need for highway curves?

for safety purpose and the curves are design for speed on which curves are provided.

How many spinal curves are there?

There are four curves in the spine. They are the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Pelvic curves.

A mirror that's curves inward?

A "concave" mirror curves inward. A "convex" mirror curves outward.

A mirror that's curves outward?

A "concave" mirror curves inward. A "convex" mirror curves outward.

How many curves are there in a standard paperclip?

3 curves

How many curves does a cube have?

Presumably no curves at all.

What are the primary curves of the spine?

Thoracic and sacral curves.

How many syllables are in the word curves?

Curves is monosyllabic

How many curves are on the standard paper clip?

there are 3 curves

What are undefined curves?

If the question can be answered then the curves are no longer undefined!

Are blackberry curves faulty?

I like a black girl with curves

What is the population of Curves International?

Curves International's population is 160.

What is Curves International's population?

The population of Curves International is 2,004.

How tall is Cassandra Curves?

Cassandra Curves is 5' 7".

How tall is Corina Curves?

Corina Curves is 5' 1".

What is a word for curves and winds?

"Meander" is a word for curves and winds.

What figures intersect but are not perpendicular?

Any lines or curves that are mutually skew.Any lines or curves that are mutually skew.Any lines or curves that are mutually skew.Any lines or curves that are mutually skew.

Are curves fat?

Curves usually mean fat, but can just mean someone who isn't stick thin too. The "curves", butt and breasts have some fat on them, but most men prefer curves.

Why after you stop working out do you lose your curves?

If you stop working out and lose your curves the cause is obvious. These curves were toned muscles that are losing their definition.

Where can you buy dime curves pills?

you can purchase dime curves at

Are the magnetic field lines open or closed curves?

closed curves.

When was Curves Music created?

Curves Music was created in 2011-04.

What has the author Charles Edward Brooks written?

Charles Edward Brooks has written: 'Orthic curves or algebraic curves which satisfy Laplace's equation in dimensions' -- subject(s): Curves, Plane, Plane Curves

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