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How do you get days of school?


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July 10, 2011 7:42PM

Fake sick.

Complain of a stomach ache the night before, eat bits of your tea, say your not hungry and have stomach ache. Go to bed earlier than normal too.

At some early hour of the morning, go the bathroom and tip water into the toilet, making sick noises while you do it. Flush the toilet. Then go tell your parents you were sick.

Get up next morning and get ready for school as normal. As your walking out the door, drop all your stuff and rush to the bathroom. Shut the door and make sick noises again and pour the water again too. Wait a moment, then flush the toilet and come back out. Act all shaky and tell them you were sick again. Say your stomach hurts and feels pulled and achey, and that your throat is sore and the sick burned as it came up.

You will get off school.