How do you get deleted songs off of iTunes back?


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You drag it on to your media player, then sync.

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Yes your songs will be deleted but you can get them off the iPod using a program such as iDump or iPod2Computer Transfer Curtis White

Do you mean you deleted them from your Itunes? If so than go to:# My Music>Itunes>Itunes playlist>(than you go to the Artist of the song and open it, open the album, than delete the song that you want to delete(you will have to do this 300 times though(if you had only 300 songs on Itunes to begin with and deleted every single one than right click in the folder: My Music>Itunes>Itunes playlist; and then click Select All and then Delete.) If you have an IPOD Touch or IPone than you might have been able to delete them straight from the phone, if so follow the same rules but delete those same songs from your ITunes playlist also.Anyways, Why would you want to delete 300 songs from ITunes? That is about $325 worth!

delete the songs you want off your ipod off your itunes library. plug your ipod back in and it will update.

plug your iPod into your computer and right click on the song on your ipods song list and hit clear

Yes, you can. If you download the iTunes for PC from Apple.com, you can download songs and movies off of iTunes on a PC.

No, however you may pay for songs off off itunes but to get itunes it is 100% free

uncheck them in your itunes then sync your ipod. Then they should be on your itunes but not your ipod.

PBR Sunny Ledfurd "The Toughest Songs on Dirt" CD you can buy it on itunes, Get Off My Back is the name of the song

there are many programs which let you transfer from ipod to itunes. all the ones i have seen cost money

you cant! you need to get songs off Itunes

Yes, if your going to buy it from itunes, why download it off limewire first.

no you cant because the ipod was only made to read songs off itunes sorry

The easy way to do what you want to do is to make a file called Christmas songs and list the songs in that file. It will stay on your IPod, but you just don't listen to them. You could also go in Itunes and uncheck the songs in your library that are Christmas songs. Do a sync of your library to your IPod and the songs will stay in the library, but not be on the IPod. When you want them back go in to Itunes and check them, sync, and they will be back on your IPod. If you want only Christmas songs you would check all the songs that are not Christmas and sync. Either way the songs stay in your Itunes library, but are not on the IPod.

Big Time Rush songs can be purchased on iTunes for $1.69 AUD, $1.60 USD

they have the 40 songs on itunes i dont know all of them off the top of my head. But I know you can find them on itunes

Restore it from a computer with iTunes. Safari is a core app and should not be able to be deleted or hidden. Unless you jailbroke your iPad. Then all bets are off.

You add songs to your iPod by buying them off of iTunes, and delete them by right- clicking on the song and going down to delete. Warning: If you delete a song you will not get your money back, and you won't be able to get that song back.

Right click on them and select delete. However, this will only remove them from iTunes, not your computer.

No genius is used to take one song on your itunes then it takes songs similar to that and creates a playlist based on songs YOU have in YOUR library. BUT it can create suggestions for you to purchase off itunes.

You buy them off iTunes and then download them

Yes, you can delete songs off of a jailbroken iPod Touch (but only through iTunes).

Not on itunes because the band is afraid song will get ripped off too much for free.

Yes, you can. Insert the CD into your computer and a window from Itunes should pop up asking if you want to import the songs into itunes. I believe you click yes, and the songs from the CD will import into Itunes. You then just connect your ipod to the computer with the USB cord and anything in itunes will sync to the ipod.

You can either choose to uncheck the songs in iTunes, or use something like iPhoneBrowser to delete the music.you cant directly from the i-pod but you can delete it off your computer tthen download all the songs back onto your i-pod.

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