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You cant get deoxys in Pokemon dimond version.

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Does Icheat hold Pokemon Diamond cheats?

yes it has lots of cheats for Pokemon diamond i have it right in front of me now

If you don't need a cheat card for Pokemon Diamond how do you use cheats?

you Google cheats for Pokemon diamond and something will pop up

Where do you go to enter cheats for Pokemon Diamond?

You cant enter cheats on Pokemon Diamond, the only is on a game shard or by mystery event maybe.

Pokemon Diamond icheat codes?

Type into google Pokemon diamond cheats and it should help you out from there

What is all the cheats on Pokemon diamond?


How do you type in cheats in Pokemon Diamond?

you need action replay by the way dose any one know any Pokemon R4 cheats for diamond

Anycheats in Pokemon Diamond?

There are no cheats in Pokemon diamond, although you can buy action replay and get all of the cheats possible like: Every Pokemon,999 Master Balls ETC

Can use Pokemon Platinum cheats on Pokemon diamond?

No you may not use Pokemon platinum cheats on diamond or pearl. The storyline is totally different! This doesn't include action replay!

Cheats for Pokemon diamond on Nintendo DS?

go to elitepokemontrainers.net they have good cheats there.

How do you get the mystery gift for Arceus in Pokemon Diamond with cheats?

What is the che cheat to get an arceus in Pokemon diamond? What is the che cheat to get an arceus in Pokemon diamond? What is the che cheat to get an arceus in Pokemon diamond?

How do you get Pokemon Diamond cheats without action replay?

Search for '' Pokemon diamond DS cheats '' on Google. Sorry, some may require action replay :(

Where do you get all cheats for Pokemon diamond?

at http://cheatswebster.yolasite.com/

Where are Pokemon Diamond cheats?

Pokemon Diamond Cheats are codes that help you throughout the game. Here are some of them: http://cheats.ign.com/ob2/068/707/707323.html

Pokemon Diamond how to go heatran?

You cannot get Heatran in Pokemon diamond or pearl unless you use cheats... ^_^ Edit: No, you can get it with or without cheats. I got heatran without cheats or action replay. Heatran is at Stark Mountain.

Can you catch Deoxys on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

No, you can't catch Deoxys on Pokemon Diamond & Pearl unless you have cheats. You can transfer it from your GBA to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl though

Is there a code for Pokemon Diamond that will give me give you all the Pokemon?

no there is'NT there is no cheats in Pokemon there is glitchs

Pokemon diamond cheats can you make a Pokemon stay out of its pokeball?

no but you can walk with your Pokemon in amnity square

Ar cheats on Pokemon Diamond?

yes get a action replay

How do you enter cheats in Pokemon Diamond for dsi?

You can buy Action Replay DSi at Walmart or Toys R us and it has a bunch of Pokemon Diamond cheats on it like, you can have 99 of every item!

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