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How do you get ditto in Pokemon Ruby?

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Where do you find Ditto in Pokemon ruby?

ditto cannot be caught in ruby

Where to get ditto on Pokemon ruby?

you cant get it on pokemon ruby at all sorry

Where to get ditto in Pokemon Ruby?

you cant

Is Ditto a lengendary Pokemon on Pokemon ruby?

no, but it is awsome!!!

How to get Ditto in Pokemon Ruby?

The only way to obtain Ditto in Ruby is to trade it from FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald.

Pokemon Ruby-where do you get diddo?

You can get ditto in Pokemon ruby by beating the Pokemon league then going to the cave the fossil maniac is digging he will be finished digging and he will say to be careful that there are Pokemon in there the Pokemon in there are ditto.

How can you get Ditto in Pokemon Ruby?

Yes Yes

Can you catch Ditto in Pokemon Ruby?

You can't catch Ditto in Ruby. You have to trade it from Emerald, Fire Red, or Leaf Green.

Pokemon ruby how to get Ditto?

You can't get it in ruby trade one from firered or leafgreen.

How do you get a Ditto in Pokemon ruby?

You have to trade a Ditto from Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Emerald.

Where can you find a Ditto in Pokemon Ruby?

ditto can only be found at the safari but he is hard to find

Pokemon XD gale of darkness how to get Ditto?

trade a ditto from ruby sapphire or emerald

Is Ditto in the safari zone in Pokemon ruby?

No, no it's not.

What Pokemon can you put in the daycare with a Ditto and get a rare Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

u can put any Pokemon w/ ditto exept legendarys put ditto with deoxys and you can get any thing!!!!

Where do you find Ditto on Pokemon sapphire and ruby?

you can't, you have to trade for it

What is Ditto and how do you get it in ruby?

Ditto is a pink gum like thing that has no gender and will allow any Pokemon to breed with it except legendaries that's because ditto can transform to any and every Pokemon! Ditto however is uncatchable in ruby either get one from emerald or firered and leafgreen.

Where do you find Ditto in Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby?

fossile cave, in meteor falls city. (it's inside of a house) Ditto is not found in Sapphire and Ruby.

Can you get Ditto in Pokemon Ruby?

no you can't but you can trade it in hope i helped a little

What Pokemon do you have to breed to get another starter Pokemon in ruby?

your best chance is using a ditto. its very hard to get another starter of the opposite gender. Ditto is the best answer

Where do you find Ditto on Pokemon ruby?

ditto can only be caught in emerald after u have become the champion behind the fossil maniacs house ditto can be caought BUT ONLY ON EMERALD

Can't you find a ditto at the Pokemon maniac near fallarbor town in ruby version?


How do you make copies of Pokémons in Pokémon ruby?

Ditto + Pokemon u want to use

Can you get a Ditto on Pokemon ruby?

No, I wish you could. The only way is to trade it in from another game... -R.S.Cuda

Can you get elaked on Pokemon pearl?

no, breed a ditto with a pikachu on emerald, ruby, or Sapphire then migrate it to your game

How do you catch Ditto in Pokemon Ruby?

iv'e been all over the region and never EVER seen a ditto and btw im at elite 4