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How do you get dome fossil in to kabuto in Pokemon leaf green?

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u take it to the lab on the island were u have to pass the gym with the question things he will make it into a pokemon -- You have to take the Helix or Dome fossil you found in Mount Moon to Cinnabar Island's Pokemon laboratory. You can also take the Old Amber the scientist gives you in the Pewter Museum's back door. You need the HM cut to get to the Museum's back door.

Helix gives you Omanyte

Dome gives you Kabuto

Old Amber gives you Aerodactyl

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What pokemon do you get from the dome fossil in pokemon leaf green?

The dome fossil, when revived, will become Kabuto.

Which pokemon is the dome fossil?

Kabuto is the dome fossil

What pokemon is in a dome fossil?

Kabuto can be resurrected from a Dome Fossil.

How do you get a kabuto in Pokemon Leaf-Green?

choose the dome fossil in mountain moon

What is in the dome fossil in Pokemon Red?

When revived, the Dome Fossil will be Kabuto.

What pokemon does the Dome Fossil turn into in Pokemon FireRed?

The Dome Fossil can be revived into the pokemon kabuto.

What pokemon is in the dome fossil in pokemon fire red?

Kabuto is in the dome fossil and Omanyte is in the helix fossil.

What Pokemon comes from a dome fossil?


What Pokemon comes out of the dome fossil?


What pokemon does the dome fossil contain?


Is there a legendey Pokemon in mount moon in Pokemon?

no but you can get a dome fossil or helix fossil the dome fossil is kabuto and the helix is omyante

What kind of a Pokemon is in dome fossil in Pokemon Yellow?


What evolves into kabuto?

Dome Fossil techinically evolves into kabuto but it's not really a pokemon.

What does a dome fossil turn into in Pokemon soul silver?


Which fossil is which in Pokemon FireRed?

Helix Fossil will give you Omanyte and the Dome Fossil will give you Kabuto.

Which fossil is which Pokemon in Kanto?

Dome Fossil- Kabuto Helix Fossil- Omanyte Amber- Aerodactyl

What pokemon is in the dome fossil?

A Dome fossil that is found in the underground whilst digging is Kabuto if it's taken to the fossil guy in Oreburgh City.

What fossil turns into Kabuto?

I am pretty sure the dome fossil is kabuto.

How do you get dome fossil in Pokemon fire?

pass through mt moon, near the exit a fossil maniac will battle you and you have the choice of dome or helix fossil (kabuto and omanyte), if you pick helix you'll have to trade to get kabuto.

What fossil is kabuto?

Kabuto's fossil is the dome fossil

How do you turn a dome fossil into kabuto in Pokemon platinuim?

Go to the museum in Orebrough.

Where do you get kabuto in Pokemon soulsilver?

have the dome fossil restored at the pewter museum of science

What fossil does kabuto come from?

The dome fossil.

What Fossil do you need for Kabuto?

The Dome Fossil.

What is the dome fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

If taken to cinnbar island's research lab you can revive the Pokemon inside the fossil which will be Kabuto.