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How do you get dressed as other people on Poptropica?


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July 04, 2014 2:52PM

Click the T-shirt button in the Menu then click another person in Poptropica. Then click on their clothes and you can copy them. (Note that this won't work with purchased costumes, characters in animated scenes, or those on Big Nate Island.)

*If there is no one to click on, you can still use the t-shirt to remove items you don't want to wear or carry.

To use Avatar Studio:

(Warning: this might change your gender and completely delete your previous clothing!)

Login as the person you want to change.

Launch avatar studio in a new tab.

Type the username of the person you want to dress up as, and load him/her.

Go back to your first tab and click refresh.

When a message appears, click cancel (or send if you're on a Mac).

You'll now look exactly the same as the person you wanted to dress up as.