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There are many products out on the market in your local grocery stores where the laundry soaps are. I live in Canada and use one called "Girl Friday" and also "Zout" or "Spray & Wash" works well. If you can't get these products in the States, then make a paste of baking soda and a soft tooth brush and gently scrub the paste into the make-up. Let sit for approx. 10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly and wash your top as you usually would. -Marcy Use shaving cream and a little bit of rubbing alchohol ! i scrubbed forever trying to use spray and wash didnt work at all but with a little work the dryed liquid foundation stain i had came right off with shaving cream and rubbing alchohol (:

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โˆ™ 2008-08-12 02:25:19
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Q: How do you get dried-in foundation make-up out of your favourite clothing top?
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Is sheer foundation makeup?

Yes Sheer foundation is makeup

Makeup Foundation?

The most important part of applying makeup is your foundation. It provides a nice base on your skin and helps hold your makeup in place for the day. Makeup foundation also protects your face from the sun and damage that it can cause. When shopping for the right makeup foundation, be sure to select one that has SPF. You also need to select one that matches your skin color the best. Many women test the color on the top of their hand to see how well it matches their skintone. This will give you a great idea if the foundation is a good match.

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just freaking go for it girl! and get a foundation that isn't too dark. you want to avoid that creppy line of makeup where your neck starts and your foundation ends.

What are some brands for makeup foundation?

Makeup foundation is a very generic product and is manufactured by a lot of brands. Most popular of them are: Avon, Revlon, Clinque, Maybelline and HD.

What does it mean to have a cosmetics foundation?

Having a cosmetics foundation means that one applies a skin colored make up to their face in order to create an even tone. The foundation of makeup goes on before other types of makeup.

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Liquid foundation makeup is made out of whale blubber. No joke. That's why women always say "save the whale's we need the blubber" but really your not saving the whale's because it goes in their freaking makeup.

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Hey!:) I do my concealer, foundation, then powder to set it:)

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No, It is generally under Eye Makeup. Face makeup is foundation, concealer, bronzer and blush.

What is foundation in makeup?

Foundation's main purpose is to even out your skin tone, and slightly cover redness and blemishes.

What are the differences between stage makeup and makeup for television?

stage makeup is more dramatic, alot of ugly, white, black, where in the case of television makeup, it is more everyday makeup with more foundation, bronzer, blush etc...

Can you define makeup foundation?

Makeup foundation is the base layer of make up that you put on to cover up any blemishes before you apply other layers. This is before blush , and eye shadow.

What are some brands of stick foundation that are used by celebrity makeup artists?

Celebrity makeup artists use a wide variety of stick foundation brands. Some examples include foundation produced by L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline, and Raw Minerals, to name a few.

Which liquid makeup is best for women over 50?

Loreal Age Perfect foundation makeup is excellent for mature skin.

Where can one buy Mac foundation makeup?

MAC foundation is at any participating Macy's. MAC is a really good makeup brand and it is recommended for commendable work. You can also buy it online at the Macy's website.

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Cover girl

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you have powder and liquid foundation.

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Foundation of concealer makeup can be used to make your face smooth.

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The best brand of foundation for your wedding makeup would be Bare Minerals. It is a mineral foundation that gives you an airbrushed, flawless look. You will look great on your big day and in all the photos that will last a lifetime!

Which foundation makeup products are sold by Lancome USA?

Lancome currently offers over ten different foundation products. Some of the foundations available include Teint Idole Fresh Wear and Renergie Lift Makeup.

Is there a website that can fix my kitchen hoods cheaply?

Yes, there is a tutorial on how to apply foundation makeup. Youtube is a great resource in looking up many videos online. You can search here to find information about applying foundation makeup.

How to Correctly Apply Makeup?

Learning how to correctly apply makeup is tricky. Applying too much foundation brings out the pores in the skin and can cause acne to rise to the surface. When applying foundation, use a sponge applicator that will help absorb extra foundation so that the perfect amount is left to apply to the skin. When applying foundation makeup, make sure to cover the chin area as well. Choose a color that matches the skin tone. The makeup is to help cover up flaws on the skin, not change the skin. Keep that in mind when applying any type of makeup. It should enhance the looks, not hide them.

Why does foundation go cakey after a few hours?

Not all foundation does. Usually good quality makeup brands don't have cakey foundation. Try MAC maybe, they're really good. Also your skin could just be dry, try using a good moisturizer under your foundation (apply every time!) and a face makeup primer.

What is a makeup base?

The base of your makeup! For example, foundation, concealer and face powder - sometimes highlighter counts as a base, too.