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what i know is when you defeat any enemy (like cream) and don´t get any punch( you´ve got a good chance with emerls knockout combo cards) you eventually get a rare crad but normal you must go to the Virtual training of tails and on that rounds you usually get a rare card: 5;10;15;20;25;30...... when you get all these rare cards(i don´t have them i only 12) then having fun emerl is so cool then^^ PS: I hope that was helpful for you the codes of rare cards of sonic team you can Google give the following words in: Sonic Battle Sonic Team Codes and then you find usually many of sites where you can read it ^^

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Q: How do you get easy rare techniques on sonic battle?
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How can you Buy rare candies diamond?

Rare Candies can be bought for 48 BP (Battle Points) at the Battle Tower. However, 48 BP is not easy to earn.

Is the Sonic Jam rare?

Yes it is very rare.

How do you get rare cards on sonic battle?

By battling really well, your chances are increased if your not hit, you can also go to Tails' Lab in Emerl's story to get ultimate moves and higher chances for rare cards.

Where can you buy rare candys in Diamond?

You can buy them in the battle tower for 48 BP. It's not easy. You can just like umm cheat or find them in caves and stuff or you can like train your Pokemon instead of using rare candies. Okay

Which is the most rare sonic plush toy?

The most rare sonic toy is Henry the Hedgehog. He was meant to be Sonic's brother but the character proved unsuccessful and only appeared for a short time.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog the movie on DVD rare or worth anything?

Not really

How do you incres your rare candy?

You can get them at the battle frontier for Battle Points.

How do you get a blue chao egg in sonic advencher 2 battle?

To get an Onyx Chao in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is to have Sonic Advance 1 or 2 (Tiny Chao Garden) and a GBA link cable to transfer it to the Gamecube. It costs 20,000 rings and it's a little rare. But it can be found at the shop in the Tiny Chao Garden. Hope this helps!

Where else can you buy rare candy in Pokemon platinum?

You can get Rare Candies by ordering them for 48 Battle Points in one of the stalls in the Battle Frontier.

Is the video Game Sonic Jam for SegaSaturn rare?

It's pretty rare, it's hard to find "complete" under $50-$60.

What is the purpose of the battle tower?

it is for you to get battle points and you can trade the battle points for rare candies and other things

How do you get a battle core in dragonfable?

its really rare