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There is no location to get eggs from birds on Poptropica. The Golden Egg is in a cave below Poptropica Towers in Early Poptropica. The Phoenix birds have only their giant eggs on Astro Knights island.

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in is on the head of the minotor at the entrance of his puzzle thing.

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Q: How do you get eggs poptropica escape from pelican rock?
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What is the meaning of Alcatraz in the rock of ages?

Named after the Pelicans that nested there, 'Pelican Island'

Where is McGreedy's bank on poptropica?

rock ridge

How do you put the jewels in order on the rock in poptropica?


How do you get the rock out of the way in poptropica mytholgy?

You get Herculie's to get it out of the way

How do you make the seals get off the rock in Poptropica?

Push them to the other side of the rock so you can get the paper

How do you get the rock star 1 outfit on poptropica?

from the store but it was deleted

Where is the bank in poptropica wild west island?

In rock ridge

What is a mudgeyser in poptropica mythology island?

its a geyser of mud that has a rock on it.

Where is McGready's bank in poptropica?

McGready's bank is in Rock Ridge

Who do you get to help you move the rock on Mythology Island on Poptropica?

In order to move the rock on Mythology Island in Poptropica, you need to find Hercules, who is located in the Hercules' Hero Hut area. Hercules will lend you his strength and help you move the rock.

How do you set the trap for the chubacabra on Poptropica?

well, to catch the chupacabra on poptropica cryptids island, you need to round up three or more spotty goats that should be roaming around the plain. Hide behind the rock with the man that will automatically help you. When you hear a thump come out from the rock and push the crate that is chained up into the van. this will fail and the beast will escape. Pick up the beast's tooth and give it to Mr. Mews.

In poptropica in the diamond mines in nabooti how can you remove the diamond off the rock?

destroy the rock with the pick axe