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One of the ways to get more Trainer Points is to buy a brush for your dog, go to the care option and click on the brush and which dog you want to brush. Plug the charger into the DS, and just leave it on the brush screen overnight. You will get one Trainer Point for every minute it stays there. another thing you have to put the brush in the center of the puppy without brushing it! it work but not always!! good luck A good way to get Trainer Points is to pet your puppy, whenever you see sparks the owner points increase. Also if there is a bone that appears when your'e petting your dog you can feed that to them to get points.

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Q: How do you get extra Trainer Points in Nintendogs?
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Can you get 100000 trainer points in Nintendogs?

No you can only get 99999 trainer points and become a Nintendogs Master (I used action replay to hove max trainer points)

What is the most trainer points you can have in Nintendogs?


How many trainer points do you need to unlock the chihuahua puppies in nintendogs?

2,000 Trainer Points

How do you get better houses on Nintendogs?

To get better houses on nintendogs, you have to get more trainer points.

How many trainer points can you get up to in Nintendogs?


How can you get trainer points on Nintendogs?

feed them walk them groom them.....

How do you unlock the wolf in Nintendogs?

you have to get enough trainer points.

How do you get a million trainer points in Nintendogs dachshund and friends?

it is impossible to get 1 000 000 but if you use action replay you can get 99999 trainer points and become a nintendogs master

What kinds of trainers are you in Nintendogs?

i don't know all of them but here are some of them: Amateur trainer is 1,000 to 2,000 trainer points and Semi-pro trainer is 2,000 to 3,000 trainer points and I'm sorry but i don't know the rest except for 99999 trainer points is Nintendogs master

How do you find out how much trainer points you got?

If you are on your nintendogs game, go to go out. Then press trainer info. And your trainer points will be on the bottom left

How do you get every dog on Nintendogs?

you get all the trainer points and you get everything

How do you unlock all items in Nintendogs?

When you earn trainer points.

What do you do to unlock dogs on Nintendogs?

You have to earn a bunch of Trainer Points.

Do you have to have trainer points to breed Nintendogs?

I think 1,890. i have about that much.

How do you get a Welsh corgi on Nintendogs?

you have to get 1000 trainer points to get the dog.

How do you get the sea side house on nintendogs without trainer points?

You can not you need trainer points to unlock it and when you get enough then you can buy it but the coast is 50,000 dollars but you need trainer points to unlock it.

Where are your trainer points on Nintendogs labs and friends?

Your trainer points are well first you go to go out and then there is a tab called info at the side and you click that and then you go to trainer info and the trainer points are at the bottom left.

What happen whe you get trainer points on Nintendogs?

It just means you are getting better at it, and if you have higher trainer points you unlock different dogs!

How do you get milk on Nintendogs?

To get milk you have to get trainer points! I have 342 already and milk is unlocked for me, so I think you have to at least have 300 trainer points.

How do you get the seaside house on Nintendogs?

You have to get 12,000 trainer points. It costs $50,000.

How do you get 100000 trainer points in the Nintendogs games?

you can't,you can only get 99999

Why do you need 99999 trainer points on Nintendogs?

to get dogs and other stuff

In nintendogs Labrador and friends what trainer points do you get a husky at without cheats?

get atleast 2500 points

How do I look at my owner points on Nintendogs?

there is no such thing as owner points some people mistake trainer points for owner points

How many trainer points do you need to get cavalier KC Spaniel on nintendogs?

you need 2000 trainer points {only works for dalmatian and friends}