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u knock the tooth fairy out before she gives you your money

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โˆ™ 2009-01-24 06:59:03
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Q: How do you get fairy powers?
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What is a fairy wand?

A fairy wand is what a fairy swings to do some magic powers

Can you transform into a fairy and choose your powers?


What magical powers does a fairy have?

The magical powers that a fairy possesses is dependent upon what type of fairy one is referring to. One of their main abilities is the ability to fly. A fairy Godmother for example, can transform things with a simple flick of a magic wand.

How do you become a real fairy with wings and powers?

You can't. There are no such things as fairies or magic powers.

How can you become a fairy with powers and wings?

Quite simply, you can't.

What powers does Tinkerbell have?

Tinkerbell is a Tinker-talent fairy her "powers" include fixing and making things :D

What is the role of a fairy godmother in fairy tales?

This role in fairy tales is a fairy with magical powers and who acts as a mentor or as a parent to someone . The role of acting as a godmother was aspected to play in many socities.

How do you become a fairy with wings and powers but without getting any smaller?

No one can become a fairy. Fairies are fantasy creatures.

How do you be a real honest fairy with powers?

There is no evidence for fairies and even if they did exist, humans couldn't become fairies or have "powers."

How do you get powers like the winx club faries?

You have to believe in fairys to become a fairy like the winx to get your belevx powers

Where are fairies born?

they are born just like a regular human but begin to realize there true powers by a nother fairy figureing their true power i have already been somened by a fairy and i have my true powers and is in trianing

How do you become a fairy with magical powers and then back to a human again?

Smoke pot.

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