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Getting Final Form is a random event.

The fastest way to get it is to enter the Ceberus cup at the Olympus colisium,

when you get in, use the wisdom form. If it does not turn into Final Form, press restart.

When you start again, your drive gauge will be full, keep trying this until you get final form, thern it will be on the drive menu.

Dont worry if it takes a lot of tries, it took me about 8.

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What gives experience points in final form in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Killing Nobodies is the only way to level final form in kingdom hearts 2

What is Sora's final limit form in kingdom hearts 2?

the final limit is final form

What Drive Forms are in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Drive Forms in Kingdom Hearts II Valor FormWisdom FormMaster FormFinal FormAnti FormLimit Form (Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ exclusive)

How do you get glide for Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Get Final Form.

What is the limit form in Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix?

The Limit Form allows Sora to use Abilltys from kingdom Hearts.

In Kingdom Hearts what level do you hav to be to glide?

You don't have to be a certain level in Kingdom Hearts 1. You get Glide from Neverland. In Kingdom Hearts 2, you have to leveling Final Form.

How do you get kingdom form in kingdom hearts 2 for PS2?

There is no such thing as a Kingdom Form, only Valor, Wisdom, Master, Final and Anti

How many Kingdom Hearts have been made?

There's currently 10 games in the series.- Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep- Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix- Kingdom Hearts- Kingdom Hearts Final Mix- Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days- Kingdom Hearts 2- Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix- Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded- Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

How do you level up final form on kingdom hearts 2?

By defeating nobodys

How do you get glide ability on Kingdom Hearts 2?

It is the ability that comes with the Final Form.

How can you have fly in Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts: there is a special ability you can earn and equip to the shared abilities, called glide; super-glide. Kingdom Hearts 2: you must unlock final form. go into final form and jump with circle, then hold square to glide.

How do you get the glide ability in Kingdom of Hearts 2?

you need to level up your final form

Where do you get glide in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Glide is obtained by leveling up Final Form

Final Form in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You unlock it randomly after after encountering roxas when you use a drive form

Where is the Garden of Assemblage in Kingdom Hearts 2?

It doesn't exist in Kingdom Hearts 2. It only exists in Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+

What 's the order for the kingdom hearts games?

kingdom hearts 1, kingdom hearts 1 final mix, kingdom heats 2, kingdom hearts 2 final mix, and kingdom hearts birth by sleep, 358/2 days, and coded i think come out at about the same time.

Is sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts and Final fantasy?

Yes, Sephiroth, originally from Final Fantasy VII, appears in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2.

Is Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix for PC?

No there is no kingdom hearts final mix for the PC. None of them are. Sorry…

What are all the Kingdom Hearts games that you can play on a PS2?

The following are all that KH games playable on Sony PS2:Kingdom Hearts (2002)Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Japanese only) (2002)Kingdom Hearts 2 (2005)Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (Japanese only) (2006)Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ (Japanese only) (2007)Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (2008)

How do you level up final form in Kingdom Hearts 2 in bullets?

Final Form gains 1 exp for each nobody you defeat while in final form

How do you get Limit Form in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Limit Form is only available in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+, which is only available in Japan. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+, Limit Form is obtained at the same time you get the Oathkeeper Keyblade in Twilight Town (once Sora finds out about Kairi).

Can you level up Anti Form in Kingdom Hearts 2?

It depends on the version. I'm assuming its just Kingdom Hearts 2. If so then no, it's a temporary and random form. If you are using Final Mix, then you can.

Is there dodge roll in Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix?

Yes, there is dodge roll in kingdom hearts 2 final mix. In order to get it, I think you have to level up this form in the game called "Limit Form", and as you level it up, you will get dodge roll.

What year did Kingdom Hearts 2 come out?

The game Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in 2005, the Final Mix for kingdom Hearts 2 came out in 2007.

Is Kingdom Hearts2 diffrent then Kingdom Hearts final mix?

Yes, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is kind of like a second Kingdom Hearts 2, but there are some differences in the storyline.