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How do you get final form in Kingdom Hearts 2?

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2011-09-13 02:50:57
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Getting Final Form is a random event.

The fastest way to get it is to enter the Ceberus cup at the Olympus colisium,

when you get in, use the wisdom form. If it does not turn into Final Form, press restart.

When you start again, your drive gauge will be full, keep trying this until you get final form, thern it will be on the drive menu.

Dont worry if it takes a lot of tries, it took me about 8.

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Killing Nobodies is the only way to level final form in kingdom hearts 2

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The Limit Form allows Sora to use Abilltys from kingdom Hearts.

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You don't have to be a certain level in Kingdom Hearts 1. You get Glide from Neverland. In Kingdom Hearts 2, you have to leveling Final Form.

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