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This TM is given to you by the 7th gym leader Blaine after defeating him.


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The TM Fire Blast is given by Blaine the Cinnibar Island gym leader.

After you beat Baline in cinabar island, he gives you TM fire blast

Charizard is good but not as good as moltras but rapidash is fast and good for fire blast

Blaine will give it to you after you beat him in the Cinnabar Gym

fire blast fire wheel odor leuth take down and any other.

You get Fire Blast after beating the 7th gym leader Blaine on cinnabar island

The TM that contains Fire Blast is given to you by Blaine the Cinnibar Island gym leader after winning a battle against him.

Fire Punch is not an TM or HM in Pokemon FireRed. It is learned by level up or by breeding for Pokemon that can learn it.

In Pokemon Emerald you can buy the TM for Fire Blast in the Lilycove Department Store. The NPC that sells the TM for Fire Blast can be found on the 4th floor and sells it for 5,500 Pokemon Dollars.

There is no hotel in Pokemon fire red

You can catch Moltres at Mt. Ember Peak in FireRed.

Charizard does not get fire blast in Pokemon red, his last move he gets is fire spin on level 55, the only way that i know of to get fire blast is by defeating the gym leader, Blaine on Cinnibar Island.

He gives you TM38, (Fire Blast). Good Luck!

I would say Psychic, Fire blast, Thunder, and Blizzard. ^wow ur funny -.- fire blast, thunder, and blizzard? they're easy to attack miss i would rather teach him flamethrower, thunderbolt, and ice beam.

I don't know all but slash flamethrower I think fire spin heat wave wing attack blast burn

there is no Pokemon collesseum in fire red

There in no recycle in Pokemon fire red.

If one of the trainer are playing it, then yes, fire red IS fun in fire red (this is MUCH better than the last answer...)

You cannot catch Blast Burn in Pokémon FireRed since it is a move. However you can teach Blast Burn to Charizard by visiting an NPC at Cape Brink on Boon Island.

the best Pokemon in fire red is lugiaAnswerthe best Pokemon in fire red is lugia

fire Pokemon are on cinibare island on the big building to the west. their are also poisen.

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