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Q: How do you get flash attack for persian in Pokemon tower defense?
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What else is flash attack called?

A flash attack is a move in the game Pokemon Tower of Defense. It is also known as a flash move verses a flash attack. It is a combination of keystrokes on the controller.

How can you get a PokΓ©mon with flash in PokΓ©mon tower defense?

You can get flash by going to route 2 and have a pokemon with the move Cut. Put it next to the small tree (you will see it). then at the end professor oak will come out and give you a pokemon with flash persian is one of the pokemons that know flash. Hope it help. It works.

What Pokemon has flash attack?


What pokemon is able to learn flash on PTD?

meowth. persian

What Pokemon use flash attack?

Pikachu can.

What Pokemon know flash attack?

you have to teach it to them

Which Pokemon knows flash attack?

Most electric type and psychic type pokemon can learn flash.

How do you attach flash machine on Pokemon tower defense?

1.first get the attack cut from Tms/Hms. 2.Then go to route 2. 3.Then place the pokemon which is having the attack cut to a very small tree and finish the level and you will get the attack cut in Tms/Hms.

What Pokemon know flash attack off Pokemon tower defence?


How do you get flash in pokemon tower defense?

if you go to the level where joey rattata and pidgey help you , get a Pokemon with the move cut and place them by the cuttable tree. at the end where joey says '' we did it we won'' professor oak will walk out and give you flash

How do you get through rock tunnel when Onix is in the way in Pokemon tower defense?

Use flash. At the end of Digletts' Cave you find Cut. Teach Cut to a pokemon and go to route 2. Place the pokemon that has cut next to the small tree and make it use cut. At the end Prof. Oak will pop out and give you flash. Teach flash to a pokemon and put it in your party. Don't worry this time, you will not have to set it on flash.

How do you get past the onix in rock tunnel on Pokemon td?

when you get cut teach it to a pokemon in your party and go back and beat route 2 and professor oak will give you flash the go to rock tunnel with a pokemon that know flash and it should light up and the onix will be gone