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you beat all the super bad people then walk past the telephone and it will say ring ring pick it up and you have it

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What does super man do for his powers?

He is old in poptropica, but he's powers do is flying :] which he will not walk or run anymore, but in poptropica, he is sitting on the daily paper building sitting because he is old and he needs are help :] after defeating 5 villains, last one is a flying girl but i forgot her name, the phone has to ring to have flying powers

How do you get the flying outfit on Poptropica?

On Early Poptropica island, there was originally a Yogos arcade with a flying spacesuit. But it is no longer there. You can fly on Poptropica only when it is allowed on the island, and you cannot take flying items or powers to other islands. (see the related question)

How do you get the flying powers on poptropica?

To get the flying powers to defeat Betty Jetty you need to defeat 4 super villians then walk to the phone booth. The phone inside it will be ringing. Answer it and the powers will be with you. If the phone isn't working be sure that you have defeated 4 other villians!!!

How do you get flying girl on poptropica?

first you get your flying powers by defeating all the other criminals.( the phone will be ringing) then when she takes off you go after her and avoid the green fiery balls.

When can you fly on poptropica?

You can only fly on certain islands, and you cannot carry flying items or powers to the other islands. (see the related question)

How do you catch flying girl on poptropica?

to get powers answer the phone then go to her fly do not get hit by the the green things and then when you touch her she falls and then the under pants guy runs into her

How do you get flying powers in poptropica?

after you defeat every villain except for betty jetty go to the telephone and push on the telephone and then that's how you'll get your super power

How do you fly anywhere on Poptropica?

To fly between islands, use the Poptropica blimp that anchors above Main Street on whatever island you are on.Flying on an island is only possible on certain islands. You cannot take flying powers or items to other islands. (see the related question for a list)

How do you fly everywhere on Poptropica?

You can fly to other islands using the Poptropica blimp from any Main Street. As for flying on islands, it is only possible on certain islands, and you cannot take items or powers to other islands. (see related question)

Can you have flying powers?

Unfortunately not.

Where do you get the photogragh in Poptropica?

its flying around the lighthouse

Can you loose your flying power on Poptropica?


What is the code for the flying saucer on astroknights on Poptropica?

the code is 56x 52y this answer is by poptropica 9900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do villains get their powers?

you can't get the powers but once you put all them but the flying one you get the flying power from the telephone we it is ringing

What is edwerd super powers called?

Edwards powers is flying

What super powers can you have on poptropica?

On Super Power island, defeating 5 super villains gives you flying power (only on that island, or on any ad-games played while there).

Are you supposed to go flying with Snoopy in Poptropica?

yes you are

Where are all the comic piceces in poptropica?

It is on roofs or flying in the air.

How do you get the keychain in wimpy boardwalk on poptropica?

Its with that weird flying bird

How do you get to the top of the highest building in Poptropica?

Well Its Pretty EASY,You Have To Defeat All The Bad Person( The Crimes ) And U Have To Deafeat Some Weird Girl And She Has Flying Powers And Then If U Deafeat Her U Can Easly Get Her Powers And U Can Fly On The Highest Building!! :) By GG 11

Does Pegasus have powers?

Pegasus is a flying horse

What super natural powers did hamlet have?


What are all the powers in poptropica?

i dont know what youre talking about

What super powers can you get on poptropica?

you can just fly at the end peace out!

Can you get a different super power other than flying on poptropica?

yes there is