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How do you get fourth piece of evidence in wonderland on kingdom hearts 1?


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July 15, 2015 2:52PM

Here is how to obtain every piece of evidence.

Footprints: Head to the first opening on the right. This leads to a

small alcove with a Blue Trinity Mark. The Footprints are found

near the mark, in the pink box.

Antenna: At the back of the Forest, you will see three toadstool

pedestals. Jump onto the shortest one, and then jump to the right,

onto the leaf pad.

Stench: From the shortest of the three toadstool pedestals, jump to

the left, and onto the leaf pad. There is another pad you need to

leap to. The gap may look daunting, but you can cross it without

much effort. Keep in mind that Sora can grip the edges of most any

surface if he doesn't quite make it. Head to the platform with the

large red fruit (opening the chest along the way for PUPPIES), and

jump to the next leaf pad. Go left to find a door. This takes you

back to the Bizarre Room, but you fall from the ceiling onto the

fireplace, where the next box resides.

Claw Marks: Go back to the Forest entrance. Approach the yellow

flower on your left. Give it a POTION, and it will make you big.

Step on the wooden platform behind you. This makes a new leaf pad

appear. Now, remember the red fruit we passed earlier? Well, it

can make you small again. Lock-on to the big tree. Pick the fruit

and eat it. Now, head to the back of the Forest, where the three

toadstool pedestals are. Jump onto the smallest ones and then head

to the left, across the gap, past the fruit, and onto the next leaf

pad. However, this time, instead of going left, head right. The

new pad completes a path to another door. Enter to fall onto the

faucet in the Bizarre Room. From here, you can jump to the last


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