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You need to purchase a minecraft account(premium account) to play Minecraft on a server. This is due to the fact that even if you get your hands on a version of Minecraft without paying for it, why would they let you play multiplayer as well. It may be possible to start your own server and join it by hacking Minecraft, but this is Illegal.

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You can't l think, perhaps maybe though if you have a Minecraft account. If there is Minecraft downloaded on the computer but with a different account and if you only have a Mojang Account it won't process. You have to buy an account, l think.

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Steal money from someone? But that is illegal. So other than that, you can learn to hack and then hack the Mojang servers which will take you a __LONG__ time. Even then it is illegal, and you will most likely be caught. I'd say the only legal was is to contact Mojang for a free copy if you make YouTube videos. Because if you make youtube videos on minecraft you are pretty much advertising for free for Mojang.

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There was a time before where minecraft was free to download on the app store, but the free time has ended. If you want you can try jailbreaking your iphone, or if you are using andriod devices you can search this on Google "手机游戏第一站_当乐网" download the application, and then search for minecraft inside the application.

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Q: How do you get free premium in minecraft?
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What is a free Minecraft?

Free Minecraft Is A Demo Version Of Minecraft And Its Not Premium

How do you get free premium on minecraft?

You can't

Can Minecraft be free?

Yes but not the premium accounts. if you got a free premium account for free it is illegal.

How do you get free premium Minecraft?

U cant

Do you have to have a premium account im minecraft to play it?

No you don't have to be premium on Minecraft to play it you can play the free Classic version.

Does getting a Minecraft account free?

Yes, the Minecraft account is free, just not a premium one.

How do you get minecraft 1.6.2 premium for free?

Team Extreme Minecraft Launcher is the key.

How do you know if your status is updated on minecraft?

premium = paidfree = not paidif you are talking about seeing if your premium or free, it will let you on a server if your premium but if your free it will tell you.

What does it mean when you try to join a server in minecraft user is not premium?

Premium means that you bought Minecraft, not playing it for free. Some servers require premium status to play on.

Is there a way you can get a premium minecraft account for free?

No. You can't, legally.

How do you get a Minecraft Premium account for free?

You'd have to receive it as a gift from someone.

How much does Minecraft cost on a PC?

Minecraft accounts do not cost money, for they are free, but when you are upgrading your account to Premium is when you pay the money. When paying for the full, or premium, version of Minecraft, you pay a total of $26.95.