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How do you get friends on imbee?


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you invite the person to be a friend and then your teacher will approve them to be a friend then the person who got invited to be a friend they will approve you to become a a friend and your their friend

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actually imbee has reopened recently but there is kidsbop and that is all i can find sry..

It has just reopened but it is a totally safe moderated social networking site for kids ages 8-14. It is super safe you can't see anyones profile or anyone sees yours unless you are friends with them. It is super fun once you have at least one friend. You can post shouts (which is like status updates), post a blog, chat with friends, post photos, and videos.

There is: kidswirl imbee or it will say 13 or over but lie about your age!

There is club penguin.bin weevils, imbee,stardoll for girls and paperdoll heaven for girls. my name on moshi monsters is: xxx-monster-xxx my name on club penguin is: pinpenny my name on stardoll is: pinpenny

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