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Take the S shuttle train (color grey) or Downtown 7 train (the purple line) from 42nd Street-Grand Central to 42nd Street-Times Square. Transfer at 42nd Street-Times Square to the Downtown 1 train, 7 stops, to Houston Street (on Varick Street between King and Houston Streets).

Walk 2.5 blocks south on Varick Street (in the same direction as traffic) to Vandam Street.

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Q: How do you get from Grand Central Station to Vandam Street?
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How do you transfer to get to New York stock exchange from grand central station?

From Grand Central Station take the 4 or 5 train downtown to the Wall Street stop.

Is grand central station a subway?

Yes- Grand Central Station is the name of the SUBWAY station which is below ground (4, 5, 6, 7 and "s" 42nd St Shuttle lines). The RAILROAD station (MetroNorth Railroad) is known as Grand Central Terminal and is at street level.

What is the address of Grand Central Station in New York City?

It is on the north side of East 42nd Street (at Lexington Avenue), which makes it part of the Midtown area. If it were on the south side of East 42nd Street, it would be part of the Murray Hill neighborhood.

Which train do you take to get from Grand Central to Times Square?

The S shuttle train (color code grey) runs between Grand Central Station (at East 42nd Street) and the Times Square Station (at West 42nd Street).

Union station to grand central station?

Not possible these days. Amtrak no longer has service to Grand Central Terminal. BTW - Grand Central Station is the subway station. The railroad station is Grand Central Terminal.

Which Metronorth train do you take to get to 42nd Street in Manhattan?

Any Metronorth train that ends at Grand Central puts you on 42nd Street. Grand Central Station is on 42nd Street between Park and Lexington Avenues.

Is Grand Central Terminal in New York City's Penn Station?

Grand Central Station & Terminal are located at East 42nd Street between Park and Lexington Avenues. Grand Central Station is the subway station, where you can catch the 4-5-6 (the dark green line, aka the Lexington Avenue Line) or the S shuttle train to Times Square. Grand Central Terminal is the railroad terminal, for trains that are not part of the New York City subway system (like MetroNorth commuter trains).

What number subway train goes from Grand Central to Port Authority?

Take the S shuttle train (color code grey) west across 42nd Street, from Grand Central Station (East 42nd) to the Times Square Station (West 42nd).Then walk through the tunnel that connects the 42nd Street-Times Square Station to the 42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal Station.

What exit from Grand Central Station do you use to get to the taxi line?

There are two taxi stands just outside of Grand Central - at E42nd and Vanderbilt and E43rd and Vanderbilt - across the street from Grand Central.

Is the proper name Grand Central Station or Grand Central Terminal?

Grand Central Terminal is the name of the railroad station at 42nd St/Park Avenue. Grand Central Station is the name of the subway station which is below Grand Central Terminal.

Which rail station is bigger grand central or Antwerp central station?

The Antwerp central station is bigger than the Grand Central rail station.

How do you get from grand central station nyc to Jewish home at 120 west 106th street?

Take the S train from Grand Central to Times Square, and the the number 1 train from there to 103rd street. It's a relatively short walk from the 103rd street station. For your safety, you may be well advised to take a taxi once you exit the 103rd street station.