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In Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Glalie can only be obtained by catching a Snorunt and evolving it into a Glalie. Snorunt are located in the innermost part of Shoal Cave north of Sootopolis City. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Snorunt are located just west of Snowpoint City.

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Q: How do you get glalie?
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How does a female glalie evolve?

A Female Glalie does not evolve.

What is the best ice Pokemon on sapphire?

Regice follewed by warein and glalie Regice follewed by warein and glalie Regice follewed by warein and glalie Regice follewed by warein and glalie

How do you evolve Glalie in Pokemon plannum?

Glalie cannot evolve.

What type of Pokemon is glalie?

Glalie is an Ice type pokemon.

How do you evolve snowrunt into Glalie?

you have to train it to level 40 for it to be into Glalie

How do you evolve the Pokemon Glalie?

Glalie does not evolve any furthur.

How does Glalie Evolve?

Glalie evolves when Snorunt reaches level 42.

What level does snorunt evolve into a glalie?

Snorunt evolves into Glalie at level 42.

Can glalie become a frostlass?

Although Glalie and Froslass are both evolutions of Snorunt, Glalie cannot become a Froslass. Glalie appears when Snorunt reaches level 42. Froslass appears when female Snorunt is exposed to the Dawn Stone.

What level does Glalie evolve in HeartGold?

Glalie, my friend, does not evolve. Snorunt evolves on level 42 into Glalie. And if you have a female Snorunt, you can use a Dawn Stone on it to get a Froslass.

How does Glalie evolve in Platinum?

Glalie is a fully evolved pokemon and therefore cannot evolve.

Where can you catch glalie in Pokemon Ruby?

Catch a Snorunt. It evolves into Glalie at level 42

What trainer has glalie on Pokemon platinum?

there should be a trainer with a glalie at the ice gym at snowpoint city.

What level does snorunt evolve into glalie on Pokemon diamond?

Snorunt evolves into Glalie at level 42.

What level does glalie evolve in xd gale of darkness?

yo glalie does not have any evolutions man

What is the national pokedex number for Glalie?

Glalie is #362 in the national pokedex, and it is a Ice type Pokemon.

In Pokemon Pearl how do get a glalie to evolve into a frost lass?

glalie does NOT evolve into frostlass,but when you have snorunt the pre eveloution form of glalie,when snorunt is a girl and you give it a dawn stone it evolves into frostlass.

What level does glalie evolve into froslass?

glalie doesnt evolve into froslass. you have to give snorunt a dawn stone

What evolves into glalie?

snorunt evolves to glalie at level 42 in emerald or all other versions i think

What Pokemon does Glalie evolve from?

Glalie is the "male" evolution of Snorunt. Snorunt has two evolutions: Glalie and Frosslass. Frosslass is female only, while Glalie can be either gender; however, it is referred to as the "male" evolution, just as Gardevoir is referred to as the "female" evolution of Kirlia, since Gallade can only be male. Snorunt evolves into Glalie at lvl. 42 and into Frosslass with use of a Dawn Stone.

Which is better froslass or glalie?

I would suggest Froslass because... Froslass has better base stats. Glalie has even base stats, but Froslass trumps Glalie in speed (Froslass: 110 base speed, Glalie: 80 base speed) Froslass is also immune to normal and fighting, where as, Glalie isn't immune to anything. Froslass is also resistant to Poison, Bug and Ice, where as Glalie is only resistant to Ice. However, because Froslass is ghost and ice, it is weaker to more types than Glalie is I don't really know about their move pools, but from a first glance, they look equal. I'm currently training a Froslass (I was torn between Froslass and Glalie as well), but I've never even battled with a Glalie, only against it in Leaf Green.

How do you catch a glalie in Pokemon sapphire?

You cannot catch glalie to get one you must train snorunt to level 40.

Who does snorunt evolve into?


Glalie or a Regice form emerald version?

im not sure exactly what youre saying, but regice is the better pokemon, glalie is horrible

Does Glailie evolve?

No, Glalie does not evolve.