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gold armor is called gilded armor in runescape and is gained through treasure trails

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How do you get black armor with gold trim on runescape?

You can get in at the Grand Exchange.

What armor should you get in runescape with 4.5m and as a level 92?

If you are a member on runescape them you should get Guilded Armor or Gunthix armor. If you are not a member i suggest that you get Rune Armor. (Gold plated armor dose not change the strength of the armor at all) Hope This helps =)

Can you smith gold-lined armor on Runescape when you aren't a member?

You cannot smith gold-trimmed at all. You can only obtain the trimmed armor from treasure trails which is a members-only thing.

What is the Best armor available in Runescape?

Tier 90 Armor (Malevolent, Sirenic, etc) are the best sets of Armor in RuneScape 3.

Can you make black gold armor in runescape?

no, there is no way to make any kind of trimmed armour, it can only be bought.

How do you trim armour on runescape mainly rune?

You can't trim armor on RuneScape if someone tells you they can trim your armor don't give them your armor they are scammers

How do you get the best armer on RuneScape?

There is no "best" armor in runescape, but armor such as the "nex" armor (Torva, Virtus, & Pernx) are some of the more elite types. Nex armor is dropped by the monster Nex in the gwd.

Runescape is full green dragon hide whit gold best range and melee armor?

Well if your refering to the green dragon hide (gold trimmed) it doesnt matter its still the best archer armor u can get in F2p.

Which is better combat armor or drudic armor in runescape?

Combat armor is for melee while drudic armor is for mage.

Can you trim rune armor in RuneScape?

No, but you can purchase trimmed armor from members.

What is after adamant armor in runescape?

The next level would be rune armor.

How much is dragon armor worth on runescape?

its worth to much if some one knows how to get it i can get the level but i cant get gold i dont have much

Runescape how to get full green dragon gold trimmetgold hide armor?

you can buy the whole set from the grand exchange in varrock in f2p

How do you get the Satan oracle armor on RuneScape?

The "Satan Oracle" armor is from a youtube video. It is not part of the real runescape. The user used photoshop or something to edit fake armor onto his character.

Where can you get heraldic armor in runescape?

its in falador castle i forgot who you talk to sorry.. you talk to someone and u have to do a certain thing to get each of the armor peice things... like the bronze armor with like gold trimmed stuff is like 500k from the guy

How do you get admant trimed gold armor in runescape without paying coins?

the only way to get any trimmed armour in runescape w/o paying coins is by treasure trails. you can only do these if your a member:)

Were do you find orange armor in runescape?

Take a piece of armor and use an orange dye on it.

How do you gold trim armor in runescape?

Those are rare drops from treasure trails. You can also buy them from other players - usually via the Grand Exchange.

How do you make granite armour in runescape?

In Runescape you cannot make granite armor the only types of armor you can make areBronzeIronSteelBlackMithrilAdamantRuneAnd some pieces of Dragon armor

Does armor in Runescape protect you or is it for show?

Of course it protects you! Certain armor protect more then others.

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