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How do you get good spirits on ouija board?

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July 09, 2009 4:46PM

you might just try it mabey just call a good spirit and tell it to get in i dont know *better answer* Having used a Ouija board plenty of times, here are a few tips I use to attract willing and friendly spirits: * Make sure you are not using the board alone..negative spirits can prey on vulnerable people. Use the board with a sibling/friend/medium. * Keep optimistic. Make sure all the participants have a positive mind and are serious but cheerful about using the board, as spirits can read your mind (Experience here- I now mostly ask spirits questions in my head). * If it helps you to keep a positive outlook, surround yourself with pretty/positive things, like flowers and lucky charms..spirits are especially attracted to flowers. * Start by placing the planchette in the middle of the board, and calling on the protection of God and the Holy Spirit. * Ask sensible and basic questions at first..NEVER ask silly questions eg-"when will (name) die?" and "will you hurt me?" It may anger the spirit and cause unwanted results. * You can afterwards cleanse the board if you wish, with a method from a medium or paranormal website. Always remember to write down your questions and answers, so you know what you have gathered and can make links in further Ouija sessions. ALWAYS make sure you say goodbye at the end , and be sure the spirit says goodbye. If you dont close down the board correctly, the spirit may choose to haunt you, which can cause unwanted results. However A good spirit will probably be willing and say goodbye, and come and talk to you next time. Good luck, and hope I have helped :)