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Hold the new guinea pig in your hands, getting the scent on you. Pet your old pig lovingly after letting him smell your new pig's scent on your hand. Bring your old pig into a neutral territory (his cage might bring out the territorial instinct,) and sit him on the floor or somewhere safe. Holding the new pig, watch CAREFULLY as you let your old pig come over to check out the situation. If he doesn't, you can try putting them about six inches away from each other, but be ready to remove one if it gets nasty. Keep them in separate cages for a few days, cages preferably close to each other so they can see each other, and gradually lengthen their together time. When they seem to get along (playing, popcorning, eating together, sleeping together; certainly not chattering at each other!) you can leave them unsupervised for a little while. Use good judgement. When you are sure they are friendly towards each other, you can let them be together permanently. Keep the extra cage in case of sickness.


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yes guinea pigs do get along with pigs and they wont eat the guinea pig. does this answer your question?

Yes Guinea Pigs get along very well

Yes, guinea pigs get aling with along guinea pigs. They are very social and enjoy companionship. Two males or two females will generally get along together in the same cage.

Some dogs can get along with guinea pigs. Mine however would eat our guinea pigs if they got the chance.....

Questions about guinea pigs include:Can all guinea pigs breed?Do all guinea pigs get along with other guinea pigs?What is their habitat?

I think. I have two female guinea pigs and they get along fine.

No. Rabbits are herbivores, and never eat guinea pigs. Don't put the two together unsupervised, though. The rabbit might hurt the guinea pig. Some rabbits and guinea pigs get along, but always be careful.

I myself own two girl guinea pigs. But i dont understand why they get along so well. I belive that it my just be that girls have no competition, because the competition is left to the boy guinea pigs. So, therefore, that is why girl guinea pigs get along better than boy guinea pigs.

never clean your guinea pigs mouth

Every guinea pig has their own personality, it is impossible to tell which guinea pigs they'll get along with and not get along with.

It depends on the individual rabbit, but generally any kind of rabbit and guinea pigs do get along.

Typically, guinea pigs will get along with each other. You can keep more than one guinea pig in a cage. However, there are some guinea pigs that do not get along with others.

Two male guinea pigs will probably not get depressed because if you have 2 male guinea pigs, they will usually not get along.

Guinea pigs have to get used to their home before they start to be active

dont put them together guinea pigs and rats just won get a long

no, guinea pigs could hurt the gerbils by accident (big size difference!)

Usually the case with four guinea pigs is that the oldest guinea pig will eat all the others. Beware.

Guinea pigs and bunnies usually get along when they are young but only sometimes when they are older. My own baby guinea pig got along very well with my friend's baby bunny. I THINK they can get along when older.

Dogs and guinea pigs usually don't get along well as in the wild the guinea pig is usually preyed upon by animals such as a wild dog. you should keep the guinea pigs away separate from your dogs. There have been times however when a dog and a guinea pig do get along well.

i don't think that guinea pigs bleed before having babies.

No, guinea pigs do not need vaccinations.

They can but not be co-housed.

no guinea pigs will never get rabies unless they have been put next to a wild animal who has it

They should, most dogs and guinea pigs get along fine, but you still have to be careful. Like i said, they should be fine, good luck.

Guinea Pigs do get along with Rabbits when their young. When they get older they pretty much find new friends and grow out of their relationships. Donita's Answers

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