Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you get happiny in Pokemon pearl?

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talk to hiker in harthome he will give you an egg hatch it and its a happiny

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How do you get happiny on Pokemon sapphire?

Happiny is a Pokemon from the newest generation, Diamond; Pearl; Platinum. So you cant get happiny in Sapphire

What Pokemon is in the first egg you get in Pokemon pearl?


What Pokemon is in the egg in pearl?

happiny and riolu

What Pokemon does the Pokemon mansion guy tell you in Pokemon Pearl?


When does happiny evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to give it something and then level it up and it will evolve in Pokemon pearl

What Pokemon evolve with the oval stone in Pokemon pearl?

Only happiny.

Where do you see a happiny on Pokemon platinum?

You find it in the Pokemon mansion. I'm not to sure but that is the place to find Happiny in diamond and pearl.

Where can you catch a happiny in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't. you have to trade from Pokemon diamond or pearl.

What Pokemon is in the egg on pearl?

A level 1, female Happiny.

What does oval stone evolve in Pokemon pearl?

happiny into chansey

Who in Pokemon platinum has a happiny.?

Cynthia Has A Happiny Go And Talk To Her?? wrong. Cynthia gives you a happiny egg in pearl and diamond. in platinum, it is togepi

Oval stone in evolves what Pokemon?

It will evolve a happiny to a chansey (but if you do that on Pokemon diamond or pearl i don't think you can get another happiny so beware!).

Where is the hiker who gives you a happiny egg in Pokemon Platinum?

Im sorry, but there is no happiny egg in Pokemon platinum. You got diamond or pearl? trade from there

Where is the hiker that will give you happiny?

The hiker (in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum) to find a Happiny will be on Route 210, South Pokemon with Breeder Kahlil.

What Pokemon evolve by using a oval stone in Pokemon pearl?

Happiny evolves using the oval stone in Pokemon Pearl. You must equip your Happiny with the oval stone and level it in the morning or in the evening to evolve into Chansey.

Who is the guy in Pokemon platinum on route 210 that has a happiny?

no man gives you a happiny platinum only in diamond and Pearl

What does the mysterious egg do in Pokemon Pearl?

The mysterious egg is an item in Pokemon Pearl version. It will hatch into either a Happiny or a Riolu.

Brock's current Pokemon in diamond and pearl?

sudowoodo, croagunk, and happiny.

Where to find Happiny in Pokemon Diamond Pearl or Platinum?

in hearthome a hiker gives u an egg hatch it and u have a happiny

How do you get happiny in Pokemon emerald?

You don't, because Happiny isn't a Pokemon in the game. It wasn't introduced until the 4th generation games (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum).

Which Pokemon uses an Oval Stone in Pokemon Pearl?

you give it to a happiny and trade it and it evolves into chansy

Which trainer in Pokemon pearl has Pichu?

pokemon breeder in route 210 he has pichu, happiny,pikachu

Pokemon pearl what a round stone evolves?

i think it evolves happiny into chansey

What does an oval stone evolve in Pokemon pearl?

Happiny---->Chansey using the oval stone.

What happens in Pokemon diamond pearl episode 191?

Brocks happiny evolves and stuff...