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How do you get hard boogers stuck in nose out?



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You can take sea salt and pour it into warm water. Add this mixture into a neti pot and pour it into one side of your nostril for about 3 seconds. Hold your breath so that the water doesn't go down your throat. With your index finger, press the nostril that you didn't pour water into, and blow. A lot of snot and boogers will come out. You can do this a couple times on both sides, and eventually not only will all of the boogers come out, but your sinuses will all be cleared up as well!

Picking your nose can give you a bloody nose and it hurts. The boogers have hardened in your nose and hurt when you try to pick them because they are still attached to the lining of your nostril. The friction that is created from trying to separate the booger from the lining causes pain.

Just be nice to your body!