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How do you get hard boogers stuck in nose out?


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You can take sea salt and pour it into warm water. Add this mixture into a neti pot and pour it into one side of your nostril for about 3 seconds. Hold your breath so that the water doesn't go down your throat. With your index finger, press the nostril that you didn't pour water into, and blow. A lot of snot and boogers will come out. You can do this a couple times on both sides, and eventually not only will all of the boogers come out, but your sinuses will all be cleared up as well!

Picking your nose can give you a bloody nose and it hurts. The boogers have hardened in your nose and hurt when you try to pick them because they are still attached to the lining of your nostril. The friction that is created from trying to separate the booger from the lining causes pain.

Just be nice to your body!


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Boogers are not good or bad, boogers are bits of dirt and dust stuck together with mucus. Once that mucus hardens it becomes a booger. Having boogers in your nose just shows that a lot of dirt and mucus has hardened in your nose at any point of time.

i saw someone answered this saying boogers is what makes up the nose. your nose is all hard cartilage.

yes that is why your get boogers stuck in your nose those borgers are sometimes dried snot from when you blow your nose if you do not blow your nose all the way.

Boogers are dust particles that get stuck in your snot and dry

boogers are the dirt that you breath in when the nose hair seperates the dirt and the air the dirt stays in your nose... then the dirt forms a booger.

it is boogers coming from a horses nose

Quinten Hippy that ate 67 boogers out of his sisters nose!!!

Yes boogers are bad for you because dust and nose hair and bacteria are up your nose you dirty boy/girl stop picking your nose

With the formation of excess mucus in the nose.

There is no answer because boogers are just dead brain cells and dirt that you breathe in. And some people don't blow their nose so that boogers just build up.

boogers come from the botoxamis organ in your body which then transfers down to the nostril tubes. Then, has reached its destination..the nose. (=

boogers (ew) form by dirt that you breath in through your moouth and nose. i know its gross but its part of life! :)

Yes, horses do have boogers but there boogers is way up in the top of there nose where it first starts and there boogers is very larger than a humans so yes they do.

because there is boogers inside of it

To keep dust and boogers out.

Boogers is a slang term used to describe mucus that has trapped debris in the nose. They are formed when the mucus travels through the nose and traps things such as dirt, germs and dust.

the nose contains mucus that is used to wash off bacteria caught by the nasal hairs in the nose so boogers form through this process

they are old nasal mucus clogged up that then become hard when not removed. simply remove with your finger to stop any discomfort.

a good question! the creature will be something like a head lice with its size about a fruit fly (since it feeds on it) and with a very slippery body to escape curious fingers and a belly with many suckers it will have a sharp jaw through which it can easily slice nose hairs well the boogers; fresh ones (alive) will be predators and the dried ones (dead) will be their food to prevent from getting stuck in fresh boogers it will have capacity to create temporary 'bubbles' in the fresh boogers to rescue themselves

BOOGERS ARE NOT GOOD FOR YOU Snot, or boogers in your nose, are made up of dirt/bacteria and particles in the air that are mixed with mucous to form a hardened substance, which we refer to as boogers. These particles get caught in your nose hairs so that your body doesn't take in anything potentially harmful. It is a little counterproductive to take the boogers out of your nose, that your body worked hard to prevent inhaling, and place them in your mouth for your body to ingest. But Most viruses die when they hit the air so the probability you get a virus from eating a booger is highly unlikely. You actually can get worms from the dirt/boogers we eat and the dust we breathe in. (Eating dirt is a sign of iron deficiency. ) never eat you boogers

By sticking their finger slightly in their nose, pulling out snot and boogers.

you can eat your boogers and kiss them and never stop pooping and the poop come out of your nose

How do you know boogers are that color. You probably pick your nose!. Your nasty!

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