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The Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon?

Spyro Dawn of the Dragons is the third and final instalment in the Spyro the Dragon trilogy. It was realsed on October 21, 2008 as the tenth anniversary of Spyro. The game starts when Spyro and Cynder brake free of their prison and find they were bound by a weird green chain created only by the Dark Master himself. That's when Hunter of Avalar helps to rescue the 'team' and tells them the Dark Master has once again risen. You, have to help Spyro, Cynder, and Sparks search, track, help, and prepare for the battle of a lifetime. The game is available where ever video-games are sold and can be played on PlayStation 3, XBox 360, Nintendo DS, Wii, and PlayStation 2.

I bought Spyro Year of the Dragon off the PSN Store and its and some one keeps saying Im sorry Spyro but you seem to be playing a half verion of this game it may be an illegal copy Help?

tell the psn dudes

On spyro the eternal night how do you get in and out of the 4 caves?

At the beginning? or towards the middle-endish part.... in my opinion u should go to youtube and watch a walkthro.... those help.... usually the game is pretty straight forward and shows u how or where to go.... so hope this helps Rhayvon

What is the help word of Sharks Lagoon's game flower of the night?


How do you beat late night at the office game?

type help and they will instruct you

Legend of spyro-Dawn of the dragon walkthrough?

There are two different walkthrough books that I know of. "Spyro the Dragon: Prima's Official Strategy Guide (Paperback)" "Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (Prima's Official Strategy Guide) (Paperback)" There are also many online websites that help if you are trapped on a level.

I am playing Spyro Dawn of the Dragon and I can't get past the bit where you have to shut the Warfang gate. I have read that you have to light the dragon head torches but it won't work Help please?

Using Spyro, just keep breathing fire on them until they're lit. If that doesn't work, then you have a glitch. Nothing I can do to help with that,

How do you get dark spyro on eternal night?

To unleashe the dark spyro on eternal night you must get to the final boss fight witch is a really really really really really big monkey man who has two swords when you get to him good cinder comes in but the boss ingures her so she cant help you destroy him you must destroy him twice first time at the end of the first time he jumbs to the ground and you him cinder and spark [my favroute] fall down a hole don't worry its ment to happen after your down the hole spyro falls into a purpley tube thing witch makes him turn into dark spyro when in dark spyro you can jump higher in the air and shoot purpley black stuff out of his mouth ones you've destroyed him the secend time you will blow him away near the edge but he dosent fall as hes walking back towards you have a look at you fury bar yeb its full quickly press your fury button and well you'll see PS really hard to get to the final boss

Do Game help you on games?

They will not help you get through the game or anything like that, but they will help you with making the game work ;-)

Where can you find sprites of Spyro and Cynder from dawn of the dragon?

i need help for my sprite animation, i need cynder, lucario, and solid snake sprites

Does Nintendo Wii help the environment?

Of course not. It's a video game system. Did you think it was sneaking out and planting trees in the middle of the night or something?

Does eating at night get you fatter?

well if you work at night, some people need to eat or cant help it if they work at night to help them stay awake.

Where do you put the cheats for the legend of spyro dawn of the dragon?

you put it in the pause screen, if you need any other help go to, its awesome. hope that helped.

Can someone help me get Drawn to Life 2 and or Spyro dawn of the dragon?

If you want the actual games you probably buy them off of eBay or or GameFly or something.

Why do you need Physical fitness in basketball?

if u want to survive your pick up game or even a high school game you need to survive the night to help beat the other team you need physical fitness

Does sleeping naked at night help with penis growth?

no it won't do anything. though it will help you for proper blood circulation esp during the night.

What night of the week did Tubman use to help slaves escape and why did she pick this night?


What vitamin is needed to help night blindness?

Vitamin A is needed to prevent night blindness.

Is there ghost in the old chateau Pokemon dimoned?

In Pokemon Diamond its not a ghost put any Pokemon game in the gba slot of your ds go to the room with the eyes on the wall and its gengar also at night go to the room with the tv and interact with it rotom wiil come out and if you need any more help go to for help on any Pokemon game help

How does vitamin a help?

It prevents night blindness.

How do moths help the world?

the pollinate at night

Can a drink a night help a mans prostate?


Why are there street lights?

To help see at night

What happens in spyro dawn of the dragon?

Spyro, Cynder and Sparx are freed from the crystal when Malifor's minions break them out. They're tied together and have to fend of many foes along with a giant golem. Afterwards they meet up with Hunter, who has been looking for them for years at the request of Ignitus, and together they escape the catacombs. They flee through an enchanted forest before getting captured by the other members of Hunter's tribe. Spyro, Cynder and Sparx earn the trust of the tribe by helping to defend them from an enemy attack, but will only be fully trusted if they find Meadow, one of their tribesmen who has been missing for some time. They find him in a cave and bring him back, gaining the trust of the tribe and leave to the dragon city, Warfang. They end up caught in a huge battle between the residents of Warfang and Malifor's army. In the throws of saving Warfang, Spyro and Cynder destroy the Golem that chased them at the beginning. Malifor's forces seem to retreat, only for him to raise the Destroyer, who will make a ring of fire around the globe, bringing destruction. Spyro and Cynder help Ignitus and the warriors to cut the Destroyer off and destroy a dam, filling the valley with water and slowing its progress. They defeat the Destroyer, but it manages to complete the ring of fire. Ignitus sacrifices himself to get Spyro and Cynder through the flames so they can confront Malifor, and Spyro breaks down, reawakening his "dark" form from the Eternal Night. Cynder talks so sense into him and they force through a volcano to Malifor, where they confront him. The planet begins to split apart, and Spyro uses the power inside of him to pull it back together. Ignitus is seen to be alive as a 'Spirit', and takes over the role of the Chronicler, and Spyro and Cynder emerge victorious from the battle.

Whats the second odd keystone for?

i think its to....HELP YOU BEAT THE GAME?!?!?!?i need help with my game REALLY BADLY. please help me!

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