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How do you get ho-ho?

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If you meant crystal, you have to get suicune at ecruteak tin tower. But first, you need a clear bell from the director of Goldenrod's radio tower, after saving the radio tower from team rocket. After getting the clear bell, go to the guardian guarding the stairs at the first level and give it to him. After giving it to him, he will let you in and you will meet The Wise Trio. They will challenge you with Noctowl, Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon. After beating them, the let you in to the another tower. There you meet suicune and battle it. Weaken Suicune and Catch it, try to have as many balls as possible as it may take u a long time to catch it. After catching it, the wise trio will come and congratulate you. Then go around the map to find Entei and Raikou. Raikou will appear first and then Entei. Try to get a Pokemon like Golbat or haunter to use mean look to stop them from running away. Try to weaken them and catch them with your balls. Best use balls for the legendary dogs are fast balls, poke balls and great Balls. After having three legendary dogs, go back to the tower where you fight with Suicune and the centered Wise Trio will give you a rainbow Wing. Upon receiving, a mysterious stairs will appear and go in. You will meet upon a maze and and go through the maze to find ho-oh after the final stairs up. Try to get as many items when going the maze so to prepare for battle with ho-oh. Bring many many balls and a master ball juz in case you ran out of balls and catch it without fail. Try to save before every battle, either with the legendary dogs or ho-oh, so u dun kill them.

2011-09-13 02:58:00
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Q: How do you get ho-ho?
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